My Beautiful Screened Porch!

This is somewhat of a milestone for me!  How long have I been yearning for a screened porch?  Oh, a few years for sure.  I did have a tiny screened porch at my first Georgia house and have wanted another one since then. It’s hard to survive in the South without an outdoor room.  I was such a tomboy growing up and being outside was a huge part of my childhood and I still love the outdoors.  Fresh air, breezes, blue skies, sunshine, green grass and trees.  Nature calls me outside and it’s something that I have loved my entire life.  Having an outdoor room to beat the heat in is priceless to me!   This screened porch remodel is one of my fave things we’ve done to date.

So, it’s with a proud and grateful heart that I share my screened porch.  Yay, it’s finished and we are now enjoying it every single day.  Even though it’s hot outside, I don’t mind sweating a bit to be outside under cover.  Life in the South!  It doesn’t get much better than this. It took us over 3 months to finish this porch, which is amazing because we did the whole house last year in 6 months. But, with traveling and the crazy rain we’ve had this spring, it was slow going.

Let me remind you what we started with when we bought the house last year in April.


Here’s the old stairs that we ripped out, they were uncomfortable to walk on, the steps were too close together.  I’ll show you the completed new stairs when we finish all that trim-out too.  Inside the porch was just a shell, nothing was finished.  The old screens were barely hanging on. No ceiling, nothing pretty about it.


When I spied this shell of a porch on the back of the house, I somehow knew this house was meant to be mine.  What I would do with that porch!  It didn’t look like much then, but boy oh boy, does it look great now.  With my sweet daddy’s expertise carpentry skills and my painting and decorating, this porch is alive now!   Happy, that’s me about now.

After Porch

Here’s the view from  my dining room slider doors.  I kept it real with my fan cord showing.  I don’t have an overhead fan out here (ceiling is too low), so I’ll be looking for a cute vintage style fan on a stand.  In the meantime this little one will help keep us cool out there.

wicker seating area

Now, I had all this furniture previously, so I’m repurposing it all.  If you’ve been with me for awhile, you’ll remember that I bought the all weather brown wicker at Big Lots a few years ago in Birmingham.  It was on my previous deck that I fixed up over there. I’m so happy to still have it as a base for my porch and it all fits perfectly out there.

drapes blowing

I bought the cushions on the sofa and chairs at Homegoods a few years ago and love the coral shade on the porch.  Green, Coral, yellow, gray, and some blue. I’m using lots of happy colors out here and I love them all.  I got the rocking chair in front of the window at Pier One last year on a shopping spree I got to do.

corner table

Side table in this corner came from Pier One last year too, chevron coasters from my recent trip to World Market.  The white lantern is from Lowes.  I loved all the colors in this tile table and it sets the tone for my porch.

striped drapes blowing

I just loved those striped curtain panels I got from a Joss and Main sale. They are available on Wayfair too if you like them.  They are sheer green and white striped and totally make the porch feel like a room.  They serve great in the afternoon for diffusing the sun coming in on that side of the porch.  I’m going to add another pair to the left side of the porch by the table and chairs.  Love them! This is what they do a lot during the day….blow out from the breeze on the porch.  Lovely!  I’m going to sew some weights on the bottom to help hold them down.

screened porch

You can see the stripes from here. I hung them on a rod from Ikea mounted on the window trim and they are have grommets which move easily along the rod. The rug was purchased last year from Joss and Main (a Wayfair site).  I love the paisley design with all of my things and it is an outdoor rug so will be fine out here.  That green garden stool was also a Joss and Main find.  I was able to purchase all of these from credits earned through referring folks to Joss and Main, so that’s been fun.


The seating area is nice and cozy and has such a room feel now.  When it rains, I’ll move my cushions away from the walls and even if things get a little wet at times, it shouldn’t be too bad. Since the wicker is all weather (vinyl), rain won’t hurt it a bit.  I love that.

porch furniture (2)

The right side of the room holds the seating area and the left side, the table and chairs.

closeup fabrics

Home pillow I got last year at the Bella Rustica market in TN.  Love it out here too and glad to finally have a place to use it.

tray with shells

This pretty tray came from my Pier One shopping spree last year and has some great colors.  I made that pottery bowl in pottery class so I filled it with shells.  I love having real live plants on the porch too.

chair corner

In this corner, I added a vintage painted green side table I found at Scotts a few months ago for $20. I knew it would be perfect out here.  The vintage fan came from a yardsale in Birmingham and I’m glad I hung onto it too.  The brass lamp I just found at Goodwill for $7.  Already had the shade.  That oil painting hanging on the wall is one I’ve had for years and I just love it out here.  I don’t worry about it getting  a little damp, it should be fine overall on the porch. The fern pillow I got from my friend, Layla, and I think it came from Target.

porch fabrics

I still love the pillows I made for my old porch with fabric found at Old Time Pottery. I still have lots of this fabric left and it’s such a pretty piece.  I love all these colors together and this fabric is really the reason I chose coral and white for my cushions.

brass lamp and vintage fan

The vintage fan.  I’m going to paint the white part of the brass lamp in a pretty blue shade soon. Spray paint, yes!

wicker seating

See those pretty old stained glass windows?  I have hung onto those since my old porch in GA days and just love them. They have great colors for this porch and I treasure them.  These 3 are all alike and a great vintage find from years ago.

stained glass windows

Beautiful colors and perfect for out here.

Porch seating

You can see how the gray and white diamonds add so much to the porch, even with the rug on top.  I love this cozy seating area!

Ballard Designs console

The metal console table is a Ballard Designs find and my friend, Jill, passed it onto me.  I had always loved this piece and actually saw it in the Ballard Designs outlet a couple of years ago for a great price, but didn’t need it at the time.  I was so excited that Jill gave me this and it will be a wonderful storage piece on the porch.  I think I’m going to paint it a pretty blue shade too with some Rustoleum spray paint called Lagoon, same color as that basket on the bottom.

Ballard console

This is not completely set up yet, but I just brought out things that I wanted to use out here for now. I’ll be tweaking this all along the way.

console outdoors

Plastic glasses, bunnies, bowls and dishes, so many cute things to use out here.

World Market items

These are the blue Ball jars I blogged about and the tray and melamine dishes came from my recent World Market spree.


The bunny I’ve had forever and the bunny print came from a long ago shop online.  Those pretty green pottery candle holders came from a local nursery here years ago, Pikes.


Found these glass floats at Scotts.

brass lovebirds

Brass lovebirds came from a thriftstore in Birmingham.  I have so many great pieces that I just can’t get rid of, so it was easy to have enough to decorate this porch with.

table and chairs

Now, for the table and chairs.  You will remember that I had this set in my old breakfast area in Birmingham.  I’ve had these chairs for years, bought them unfinished at a warehouse store here in Atlanta and originally stained them, then spray painted them black back in 2002 when I redid my kitchen in GA.  Now, they’ve been reinvented again with glossy gray spray paint and I love the update out here.  I won’t worry about them getting a little damp either.  I changed out the seats on these chairs while I was still in Birmingham too and the yellow works great out here.

wicker chair

Coral and green pillow.

Grandpa old chair

On this little wall, I added this sweet family heirloom.  It doesn’t look like much, but this chair belonged to my Grandpa, my daddy’s dad.  It’s going on 100 years old and my dad remembers his dad adding the cowhide seat to these chairs when he was young.  So that means this chair has been around for a long, long time.  The cowhide was added because the original seat wore out.

my grandpas chair

I love having a bit of my family history on this porch, a sweet reminder of where I came from, a hard working family heritage.

Southern States map

The Southern states map is a gift from my friend, Barb and I think she might carry this in her online shop. I love this!  I’m such a Southern girl to the bone.  If you are interested in the Southern States map, you can find more info at Barb’s Facebook page, by Liking it and asking her about it.  She told me she is getting more in.

the porch

This porch is full, but very cozy.

Southern comfort

I found this sign at Kudzu Antiques in Sandy Springs earlier this year and knew that this had to go on my porch.  Southern Comfort!  Yes, that describes this porch perfectly.  I want it to be a place of Southern comfort, peace and tranquility and it’s going to be fully enjoyed many days during the year.  I’m so excited to finally be out here enjoying this space.

Thanks to all of you for hanging in there and going on this ride with me and my dad.  He’s got a few more days of working on the outside, finishing up the stairs and trimming out the screens from outside, but after that, he’ll be relaxing too and working on his garden.  We are so glad to have this all behind us this year after going through that 6 month renovation last year.  The Lord has been so gracious to me, giving me a porch of my own again and I couldn’t have done it without my sweet daddy’s help!

I went on a fast trip last week to Nashville to visit the brand new Southern Living Idea house, so I can’t wait to share all of that with you. We couldn’t take pics of all the inside of the house, but we got plenty of great pics from a few spaces and the outdoors, which is to die for!  I loved being invited to the preview party, what fun that was!


The lucky winner of the Country Living Small book of Decorating Ideas is:  #94, Lisa Appell. Congrats, Lisa, I’ve emailed you!

- Rhoda


  1. What a transformation! It looks great and so inviting. I love a screen porch, too, and that’s exactly where I am right now… on my screen porch reading “Southern Hospitality”!
    P.S. – I love the sound of a wooden screen door slamming!

  2. Love the stained glass windows and the curtains blowing in the breeze. Also the vintage chair.

  3. What a wonderful space you have made! Love all the colors! A great spot for your grandfather’s chair. Our area is prone to dust storms. My covered porch is usually covered with sand. I still try to decorate it a little, but usually have to blow ( not sweep) the sand and dirt away every few days. Enjoy your porch! I love all the pictures you post! Thanks so much for your inspirational blog!

  4. Looks wonderful, Rhoda!! Love everything, especially you granddaddy’s chair! Beautiful!

  5. Mmmmm, at last! now you can kick back, sit down and enjoy – pleased for you! I love that grumpy old rabbit…. but I don’t know why he’s so grumpy – it’s lovely for him out there!! You going to have your Mom and Dad over for tea now, on the porch?
    Enjoy it all.

  6. Oh Rhoda, it looks fabulous. I love all the colors you have incorporated out there. Great job reusing the items you already had. You and your parents make a great team!

  7. Just beautiful Rhoda!!

  8. Looks wonderful Rhoda! I love the colors and especially the stained glass windows. So glad you are able to enjoy it now.

  9. Patricia says:

    Oh My Goodness Rhoda ! What a beautiful space – I can just see you sitting out there with the ladies with a glass of tea or wine, laughing and enjoying yourself on these beautiful summer evenings….. ! You have done such a wonderful job decorating the porch, not to mention the amazing job you and your sweet Daddy did constructing such an amazing space !! Congratulations – you deserve it !

  10. I was so excited to see your screened porch, Rhoda! Inside-outside types of spaces like this are my favorites, and yours is beautiful. I love it! 🙂

  11. Lady Delores LeBoeuf says:

    Yea, I have been so waiting to see your reveal and I was not disappointed… is so welcoming and I can see that you are going to have many fun memories in this porch; another milestone of great accomplishments, thnx to your folks for their expertise and support, they are charms, ENJOY every moment, thank you for sharing, Love & Blessings to you/yours…

  12. What a beautiful porch!

  13. Looks wonderful, Rhoda! We have a fan on the patio. When we finished it Thursday, I took pictures and there was the fan cord. That is real…we need that fan!:-)

    I love your painted floor and all the elements that make your screened porch beautiful. I remember your other beautiful screened porch too.

  14. Rhoda..

    I am just so happy for you. Your porch looks great.

  15. Rhoda, I can not express to you in words how very happy and excited I am for you. You have always been such a inspiration to me. God Bless you my friend many times over. What do you have planned next.?

    • HI, Lea, I will have plenty of things left to do, including the entire outside of my house. Can’t wait to get some landscaping done around here too.

  16. It’s not only beautiful – but it’s original, and that’s what I like. Tired of seeing the same -old same-old everywhere. You are always so fresh, original and practical too! Totally understand the Southern Belle need for a good fan!

  17. Oh it’s such a happy place!!! I’d love to out there having coffee in the morning!! Wonderful how it’s all put together!! I love it!

  18. Doreen@househoneys says:

    It’s so pretty Rhoda! I know you are so excited to have it and we are all equally excited for you!

    I started working on our screened porch this weekend, starting with painting the floors. I put a coat of primer down, but despite what the can says (dry time one hour) five hours later it was still not dry so the finish coat will have to wait until next weekend. Right now it’s bubble gum pink! lol. (The final color will be red so the primer is pink.) If anyone should happen to see it they would think I’m nuts! Can you picture pink floors in a log cabin?!

  19. If you do find a vintage looking floor fan at a reasonable price, please post a picture and when you purchased it. I’m looking for one as well.
    In the meantime I’m using a white plastic one that isn’t very attractive.

  20. Everything looks so lovely. One thing – I’m surprised you didn’t paint the porch’s ceiling in a aqua blue, as in tradition in the south. Still, it looks great and so inviting!

  21. You and your dad have done a fantastic job on the porch, Rhoda- wow! It’s hard to believe it’s the same space. I can understand why you’d want to spend lots of time out there, even in this heat. Yeah, fans are a must!

  22. Where are the stairs you and your daddy worked so hard on? Where’s that lemonade you promised him?
    It looks beautiful Rhoda, well done!!!

  23. Oh my goodness, I want your porch. Its gorgeous, you did a good job. I hope you enjoy sipping lemonade this summer.

  24. The minute I saw your sunny, colorful porch I started smiling!!! Your sign does say it best… SOUTHERN COMFORT! What a great space… and you made it so pretty and happy with all the wonderful detail you layered into your porch!
    Happy porch sitting!

  25. Rhoda – Its everything I expected it to be. Fun and colorful and oh so Southern. Its is amazing that everything you already had fit so perfectly. It was truly meant to be. I am so glad the Southern Map fits in so well. It is hanging in the perfect spot isn’t it. Hopefully it is a good reminder of our fun trip together at High Point. Enjoy the fruits of your labors. xxoo

  26. I love your porch, Rhoda. The colors are so pretty and make for such a fun space.

    But more than that, I’m so glad you get to have your porch.

    Your story reminds me of when our house was being built. The model home of this floor plan had a shallow porch that wasn’t deep enough for furniture. I loved the house, but secretly wished for a larger, more liveable porch.

    One day, as I was checking on the progress, I discovered the porch of my dreams. Like you, I felt like it was a little surprise gift from God….and like this house was meant to be.

    I’m delighted for you!

  27. It is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! I love every little detail you came up with! After having a screened porch I don’t think I’ll ever be able to have a house without one! I hope you enjoy it for many years! ~Zuni

  28. Susan Hunter says:

    At last, what a wonderful place to entertain family and friends. Love it and enjoyed the updates as you moved along with your porch. I’m glad to read you have the outside ahead of you. I would really miss watching a project unfold. Susan

  29. Absolutely beautiful Rhoda!

  30. Perfect!! I have enjoyed all of the posts about renovating your house – especially how this project was shared with your parents! I lost my precious mom earlier this year and I miss her and her input in my life so much. You are very blessed to have such a special family and to have had the opportunity to make wonderful memories of your momma and daddy throughout every room of your lovely new home!!

  31. It’s simply beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  32. V

  33. Very beautiful and cozy! Love it!

  34. Love the porch, your mix of colors are beautiful.

  35. Love all the Southern charm! Everything looks perfect!

  36. Rhoda,

    The porch came out great! I love it!

  37. Beautiful! Love the happy colors you’ve chosen. It looks like a happy and cheerful person lives there 🙂

  38. This porch renovation is SO inspirational – not only your vision and decorating skills, but just the whole story behind the porch, and your sweet Daddy’s help in the renovation process. Your entire house is worthy of Better Homes and Gardens! I enjoy seeing what you are going to do next. Your story of faith and hope touches lives daily for sure..

  39. Beautiful! I can just imagine sitting out there with a glass of sweet tea enjoying a good book on a late summer afternoon. It would be so nice to have a screened porch someday because without one you are just food for the mosquitoes.

  40. It is all so pretty! I know you are glad to be finished with it. I spied those stained glass windows right off. Love them! Great job on everything..

  41. So beautiful. Hope to add a porch soon to have another spot to check out the Hooch.
    Love that diamond floor.

  42. My daughter and I were lucky enough to tour your home before you started remodeling and have so enjoyed watching the progress. The porch looks so inviting and I am sure you will enjoy it all summer long. I especially enjoy the pictures of your dad working on it. What wonderful memories you will have of this past year with your parents helping you with the remodeling of your home. Priceless!!!

  43. Brenda Posey says:

    Your beautiful porch is only missing a pitcher of iced sweet tea! It’s very lovely and inviting.

  44. Patricia says:

    I knew it would look good once you got done, but it’s so much better than I could imagine. I love the coral that you chose and also the curtains…I love those curtains! I can just imagine you enjoying all the hard work with your parents sitting there with you…Enjoy!

  45. Such a beautiful porch Rhoda with all your favorite things and colors. It’s so wonderful to see how richly the Lord has blessed you. I know you’ll enjoy your gorgeous home and porch for years to come. Thanks for sharing it with us. You are an inspiration! 🙂

  46. Marie in VA says:

    Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing your awesome porch!

  47. Rhoda, it is perfect. I am so happy for you!

  48. Sallie Baker says:

    LOVE it, Rhoda! Just so cozy and so you. ( I don’t even know you, but feel like I do! ha! )
    What a wonderful home you have created, and how the Lord
    has blessed you in spite of circumstances. Yes, you are indeed an inspiration! Love you precious Daddy, too!

  49. Boy, was this worth the wait!! This is so cozy and inviting and I love all the touches you added. The chair from your Granddad is such a treasure. Beautiful, enjoy every minute


  50. Suzanne Rome says:

    I say it again–“You are a wonderment.” I love, love, love it all! I’m so happy you got your porch…many happy times to be had on it with your precious family and friends. Blessings to you!

  51. Your porch looks great! I love it!

  52. Beautiful! So warm and cozy! My sister who is disabled has a similar porch and we have done some things to brighten it up. I love the Joss and Main panels; we’ve wanted to do the same thing since she has a townhouse for privacy. Her porch doesn’t have the pretty wood buildout yours does but is a metal fabricated – very nicely put together though, but a dark brown which tends to make it a bit drab. We’ve used bright colors to make it a bit more sunny. Anyone have any suggestions how we can mount a rod without drilling into the metal and risking any water leaks? Coincidentally, I just bought her the same starfish plates at World Market when we were at the beach. If anyone is considering them they are a great buy and so cute!

  53. The only thing that’s missing from this lovely porch is a photo of your Dad relaxing on the porch with a glass of sweet tea and his feet up! Wishing you many happy times on your new porch!

  54. Friend,
    It looks just like you!
    Fresh, interesting, with details
    of interest that create peak(after peak)
    of happiness.
    Happy Fourth of July to you and yours.
    Life lived from a grateful heart
    is ever new.
    hugs, p

  55. I just read Evie’s comment above mine.
    and I add a hearty “amen ” to that idea
    of a photo of your dad and mom having
    their photo included in your lovely outdoor room. 🙂

    • Deanna B says:

      I agree!!! Mom and Dad need to be there at all times! The photo would insure that they are! Great idea!

  56. Rhoda,

    So so happy for you!! It is beautiful. I’m getting my breezeway windows replaced and doing something to the walls and floors – I hope it looks half as good as this!!


  57. Mary Ann says:

    I love, love, love your porch! It has inspired me to get one too!
    Hope you enjoy it. It is beautiful!

  58. Ooooo my goodness, it looks just fabulous, Rhoda. As we knew it would! Such a gorgeous, happy space; you and Dad have outdone yourselves.

  59. Deanna B says:

    What a wonderful space of peace and comfort. You and Dad are awesome at what you can accomplish when you put your two heads together. What a blessing to have him in your life. Screened in porches say ‘Southern Living’ and you’ve created a space for just that. Love it! Enjoy each moment spent there!

  60. Beautiful porch and so inviting! Great job, Rhoda!

  61. Your screen porch is gorgeous Rhoda! Your hard work has paid off and now you can relax and enjoy it. Thanks for the tour.

  62. I love it so much! Looks comfy and inviting 🙂 Nice work girly!

  63. What a lovely porch I would love to have a porch like it.

  64. Merlyn Corcoran says:

    As I scrolled through your photos, I started smiling and kept on smiling – such a charming and refreshing outdoor room you have created. That sweet and talented dad of yours is a keeper, just like his dad’s chair! Wishing you and your family many happy times there!

  65. Rhoda! What a lovely space you have created, and how wonderful are the many blessings you have received! I am a longtime reader of your blog, and the changes in your life are an irrefutable testimony to the goodness of God and your unwavering faith in Him. You do my heart good every time I receive your blog!

  66. Porch Perfection! So happy for you!!

  67. I gasped when I saw your beautiful porch! It is awesome and those stain glass windows…oh my goodness!

  68. Betsy @ West of the Square Designs says:

    Rhoda –
    It’s stunning – i’m sure you are spending a lot of time out there! What a labor of love, for sure! Thanks for sharing every step of the way. You should be proud and give your sweet daddy a big hug!

    As far as landscaping your yard – give my Mom a call! She’d love to help you with some plant selection – she’s the best!


  69. Congrats, Rhoda! It’s gorgeous and so very YOU!! I can just picture you enjoying a cold drink out there… 🙂
    xo Heidi

  70. It’s great! I cannot believe how you can remember where each and every piece came from! No wonder you are such a great blogger, remembering everything like that!!

  71. SO happy for you, Rhoda! Your porch looks absolutely wonderful. I’m proud of you and your dad for all your hard work–it definitely paid off! I remember very well when you created a pretty outdoor sitting area in Birmingham. You did wonders with that space, and now you’ve really done wonders with this space! May God give you many beautiful, restful hours out there!

  72. Anne Boykin says:

    Hi Rhoda, The porch is fabulous! I’m so happy for you. Your Dad is a sweetheart. I’m looking forward to hearing all about your Nashville trip.

  73. So lovely! Just like you dreamed. 🙂

  74. How exciting! Everything is beautiful. Great job! Love your blog.

  75. What a lovely job, very country and rustic. I notice the fan there, I am presuming its really hot where you are at the moment, here we are in NZ in mid winter!

    I have a deck at the back of my house and had thought of doing something to make it more of a living area. I use it a lot in the Summer but not in the winter, if I could do something like this it would be so much more practical. Over here, however there are such strict council regulations on adding anything to a building.

    Anyway lovely job, now you should be able to sit back and relax 🙂


  76. Cathy Schiele says:

    Love your website and porch. I’m having my dream screen porch built in a few weeks. I noticed you had a lamp on the porch and I was wondering if it was a special outdoor lamp or just a regular indoor lamp? Does it matter? Thanks.

    • That is a thriftstore lamp and not an outdoor one. It really doesn’t matter, but I figured why buy a new lamp when I can get one from the thriftstore for this outdoor space. I think outdoor ones just have something to protect from moisture, but I have never had a problem with an indoor lamp out on the porch.

  77. CS in TX says:

    Very pretty. Maybe I just overlooked it, but I didn’t see where you got the rug?

  78. I LOVE your porch, and I’ve wanted a screened porch for years. I love all the color and mixed patterns you worked together – so charming.

  79. It has been so sweet to watch your porch take shape — enjoy it — it is wonderful. We are loving ours, and I hope to finally get the curtains up tomorrow.

  80. Totally gorgeous room!! I am inspired to clean up my enclosed breezeway which is like a porch. You and your dad are awesome!!

  81. It is just as beautiful as I thought it would be! Enjoy it!

  82. WOW, beautiful porch with amazing decorations! Your decorating ability shows thru with every project in this home. I get so many ideas from your blog, enjoy seeing projects that we can all use in our homes. Thanks again for sharing this journey with your readers. Like others, would love to see a picture of your Mom and Dad sitting on porch with a glass of lemonade.

  83. Love the porch!! As a former a Southern girl (now living in Oklahoma due to military move with my hubby) I remember “living” in our screened in porches! I see many years of porch relaxation & enjoyment for you. So happy for you!

  84. What a wonderful happy space. 🙂 Congratulations! on the finished project.

  85. Melissa Lamb says:

    I am blessed to have a new house, five years old now. You make me ashamed…I still have a covered, concrete patio that is untouched. I have been inspired. I am painting the floor this week-end!!! Thank you, your porch is beautiful!!!

  86. Beautiful, beautiful Rhoda….you are now enjoying the fruits of yours and your dad’s labor…Have many, many wonderful times sitting in your beautiful porch! So many special touches and in the room!

  87. Becky in 'Bama says:

    Wow! I laughed out loud when I saw the photos…not at you but at myself. My screened in back porch consists of one broken folding chair, and two other slightly newer patio chairs, a gas grill and a small metal table from the dollar store. I probably could use a bit of up-grading on my porch, but mine is not very high off the ground and the bottom half of the porch is open screening, so when my husband (and my neighbor) mow – all the dust comes in that lower screening and settles all over everything on the porch. After an episode of mowing, if I want to sit outside I am forced to wipe down the chairs, etc.. Otherwise, I might be tempted to be a little more adventurous. Meanwhile, I’ll just enjoy looking at your beautifully decorated space. 🙂

  88. What a happy space! I always love a porch, and yours is just perfect! I love everything about it. You and your daddy make a great team. Now that you are finished with your construction projects for awhile, would you send your dad over to help my slow husband finish the room over the garage?? 🙂

  89. Susan @ Through My Porch Windowless says:

    I love your porch. It is so very I inviting and comfy looking. Can’t wait to do mine.

  90. Now that’s a Make Over! Beautiful, just beautiful

  91. Rhoda, I know you will enjoy your wonderful “new” porch. So great that you and your Dad continue to create together. I love screened porches having grown up in the South. I have a wonderful covered patio now and love it. It is one of my favorite “rooms” of my home. Several people told us that our patio ceiling was too low for a ceiling fan but we put one in anyway. We were careful to place it over a low round table in the center of our seating area. It’s never been an issue and we have an adult son who often vistits and he’s 6’4″.

  92. What a wonderful porch…love the look and feel and all the little touches you added. I can see why you would enjoy it. Quite a transformation from the original.

  93. What great memories will be made on this porch with family, friends and of course your bloggie friends 🙂

  94. Congrats on getting your dream!!! It looks great. So fun and whimsical. You ve totally inspired me to dress up mine now…add it to the list! 😉

  95. I too long for a screened porch! Yours is just beautiful! Life to the full! Melissa

  96. Love the porch! But how do you keep it clean? I live in Alabama and I have a screened in porch but I can’t keep the outside elements from taking over. Dirt/dust everywhere, and we have a huge nice lawn with no dirt spots in our backyard. I would have to go out there and dust every day to have all those lovely knick knacks out there. Plus the pollen takes over everything. Any suggestions? Maybe add curtains to help keep it out?

    • HI, Dawn, I have no real answers for keeping this porch clean, but to just get out there with a vacuum and clean it periodically. So far, it’s not too bad, but I’ve dealt with pollen before too and know that it will have to have a thorough cleaning after pollen season. I’ll be taking my cushions in during the dead of winter and will wait until after pollen season to completely clean it again, but this is like having another room. It will have to be cleaned occasionally.

  97. Rhoda, I love it! I love the little fans you have around on the porch…they just give it that southern porch feel. You are going to enjoy this space for many, many years. I bet you love it out there on the rainy days, too…one of my fave spots is on the porch when it’s raining. The Southern Comfort sign is perfect! ♥
    Beautiful finish to this fabulous renovation! Now you’re all set for the rest of the summer and fall. 🙂

  98. Your hard work has SO paid off!

    Also, thanks for inspiring me with the porch. I spied your little vintage fan, remembered I had one that was just gathering dust indoors, and moved it to my back porch. It makes the heat much more tolerable.

  99. Kay Elizabeth Kerns says:

    Very inviting and attractive…I especially love the paisley rug you used and the map of the Southern states

  100. HI RHODA!!!!
    I finally got to see your porch! Hallelujah! Whatever your tech guys did… give them a hug from me!!
    Southern Comfort is a perfect name for your sweet, lovely screened in porch. I love it and I feel “your design ways” all over that porch!
    So what time are we having a sweet tea…or better yet how about a Hendrick’s cucumber gin and tonic. So cooling and quite refreshing!
    Happy Summer, Rhoda and I am so glad to be back!!
    ~~Nancy from OHIO

  101. debbi in Texas says:

    HI Rhoda,
    Have you seen the totally cute vintage look oscillating wall hung fans? Might work for you. Nice porch; we need them screened in Texas most of the time.

  102. Rhonda,
    I absolutely L.O.V.E your porch!! I have a porch that is very similar to yours and would love to transform it to as lovely as you have your porch. The one thing I was wondering was if where you live you have issues with pollen in the spring. I live in SC and every spring after the pollen falls, all my furniture, carpet and wood is covered in pollen – not sure how I would prevent or manage the pollen to keep such a pretty porch clean and enjoyable. Any ideas??
    Thank you!

    • HI, Hannah, yes we have lots of pollen here in GA. At the end of Fall, I took all my accessories in the house (in a storage room) and I covered my vinyl wicker with covers and this will protect it from most of that. I’m waiting until the pollen is done in another week or so and then I’ll get out there and clean everything up with a shop vac, uncovering my furniture for the summer. Those covers are great and after a good cleaning after the pollen, you should be good to go. My porch stayed relatively clean all summer with just a vacuum every once in awhile.

      • Hi Rhoda,

        Thanks for sharing your ideas with your screened porch. That is beautiful; I do love your ideas. Recently, I’m trying to make up my screened porch, too.
        I have the same concern with Hannah, too. I’m in NC; the weather is very similar from GA. Have you ever encountered mildew issue? You said, you have all of your accessories and furniture in your screened porch for the whole summer. Here, we are in the South. It is very humid in summer. Does it bother you? I’m thinking to buy a wicker set with cushion but DH would worry about mildew problem. Would you please share your experience? Thanks!

        By the way, how large is your screened porch? Mine is 14×14. I am thinking to have the same setting as yours, but not sure your size. If I want to have one wicker set and one dining set in my screened porch, is it too small to have both set?

        • HI, Jennifer, I think my porch is smaller than yours, maybe 10 x 12′ or something close to that. I did keep all my stuff out there all summer and mildew wasn’t a problem. It gets enough breeze and sun coming in to keep it mostly dry even after rain. When it started raining and I was home, I would move the cushions to the middle of the porch. Everything stayed pretty nice all summer, then I covered the cushions up with a cover for winter weather. I’m just ready to get it all out again for the summer season, can’t wait!

  103. Wow, your new home is so adorable. You are so creative and have a great eye for design. Your story is so inspiring I just want you to know. So glad I ran across it. I too am with parents, looking for a place, yada yada yada. I truly want you to know how important your story is to me. Thanks so much for sharing.

  104. Hello. I absolutely love your porch! We are building a screened in porch this spring and I have been looking for wicker furniture. Thank you so much for sharing where you purchased yours. I was wondering how long you’ve had it and if it seems to be holding up well. It is exactly what I’m looking for and it is resonably pricee – very excited. Thank you for sharing!

    • Paula, I got my wicker almost 5 years ago and it is holding up great. That all weather wicker is wonderful. No problems at all. Of course, it’s covered now, so that helps it not get so dirty during the winter and being on the porch helps too.

  105. Beautiful! I have a back deck I would like to cover, can I ask how big is this room? It looks about the same size, but I can’t imagine fitting a table and seating area on mine.

    • HI, Tina, from memory my porch is about 12 x 14 maybe? That’s approximate. It’s cozy but it all fits fine.


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