My Laundry Room Makeover Finale!

I’m so excited to share this laundry room makeover finale with you!

Can you believe it’s been a whole year since I moved in this house?  Yep, this month (the 18th) marks my one year anniversary of moving in my new house. It’s flown by and I can hardly believe it’s already been a year. A really good year!  I still had several things to do in this house after moving in, not to mention unpacking and Christmas right after, so we really haven’t taken a lot of breaks along the way.  After Christmas last year, it was on to doing more things in the laundry room and that space has evolved bit by bit, with getting a new sink and toilet installed and making the room even better.

The last big project in that room was putting up a wall to create a storage room for me to store my Christmas bins and other things.  I needed a place to hide things away so that they could be accessible, but not in plain sight.  And this large, bowling alley sized room was perfect for splitting up and using part of the space for storage. Not everything needs to be seen.  I ended up with a 6 x 9.5’ storage room and my laundry/mudroom is now 22 x 9.5’, a really good sized room, just to give you perspective on what you’re looking at.

This mudroom/laundry room that I ended up with was a pit when I first walked in this house.  If I haven’t convinced you from any of my home projects that ANY space can be enhanced, well, this one should do the trick.

I can’t even believe how bad it was and it’s a good thing I took BEFORE pics, because we tend to forget the ugly after something has been improved upon and we live with it for awhile.  This space was beyond UGLY and I’m sure most people would say there was no hope for it, but I’ve lived long enough to know that any space, no matter how bad  it is, can be made better, even pretty with effort.  Paint does wonders, I’ll say it again and really, that’s the biggest tool that was used in this room.

PAINT!  Yep, the power of paint does it again.

After painting the ceilings black first, I then tackled stripes on the floor and finally painted the walls white. I’ve shared all of this process along the way and at the bottom of this post you can see links to all of the how-to’s and progress on this space as it happened, along with source lists for all that I got for this room.


So, let me remind you again what I started with in this space. A total and complete pit of a room.  It was BAD!  But, I saw potential in this space.  It was large and I knew I could do something with it.

And I’m happy to say that Phase II of the after is finally, finally DONE!  We worked on the screened porch and stairs this spring and tools and junk were piled in this laundry room. There wasn’t time to finish it then, but since we just completed the wall in there, I can now call it done.  I have it organized, pretty and functional and now I’m really shouting for joy!  It’s beautiful and I love this space!!  It just might be one of my most proudest DIY moments ever!

That’s how good I think it turned out.

laundry room side

Here she is in all her glorious beauty!  The laundry room side of my space.  This is where the outlets were stubbed for the washer and dryer and when I first walked in here, I secretly felt a little sorry for myself, having to do laundry in that pit of a room and remembering my beautiful old laundry space that I used to have.  But, no longer do I feel sad in here. It’s bright and beautiful and I love every bit of it.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this space is FAR from perfect. FAR!   It has paper paneling that is wavy in areas and a little buckled in others, but instead of taking all of that down, I embraced it and painted it.  We added the wall and we are far from experts on how to finish off drywall.  That’s not perfect either!  But, it’s fine for this space. My goal was to paint the ceiling black for an industrial feel and to paint the walls white to brighten it up and then add some accent colors to make it happy.  OH, and to paint out the crappy concrete floor that would make me not cringe when I walked in here at the dirty and dinghy floors.

And now it’s happy!  Completely and utterly happy and  a big, big part of it has to do with paint.  Keep that in mind!

laundry with stencil

I still have a mismatched washer and dryer, but that’s OK.  A Craigslist find of $150 for the pair, they are still washing my clothes just fine.  If a brand sponsor comes along that wants to give me a brand spankin’ new set to try out, yep, I’ll take it. 🙂 But, in the meantime, I’ll be grateful for what I have and enjoy my pretty laundry area now.  I have plans to do something cute with paint to that hand me down fridge that was in the kitchen when I bought the house, so stay tuned for that.  Not sure yet, but I’m gonna do something fun with it using paint.

washer dryer

Adding those drapes (from Wayfair) to hide the really ugly ductwork coming out of the wall behind the fridge was one of my best brainstorming moments ever.  It really hides a lot of ugly behind there and there is still room for me to put my Christmas tree in an urn as well as a vacuum cleaner and a large trash can, all hidden behind the curtains.  Love that!  And those rings are large metal shower rings that I hung right over one of the pipes up there.  I had a built in rod!

black Ballard shelf

This Ballard shelf holds some pretty birdhouses and garden things that I had in my old laundry room.

ballard shelf

Fun to reuse them again!

Homegoods storage

This cute cabinet that I found at Homegoods will come in handy for more storage. All those baskets and drawers can hide things, but be accessible.  I’ll put garden gloves in there, tape, lots of things can go in there.

Target bunny

And I found a spot for my DIY beadboard art that I shared with you earlier.  I love this piece in the vintage yardsale frame and it’s perfect for adding some color to my laundry space.

painted bamboo table

Another yardsale find from long ago, this bamboo table was $5 and I decided to give it a coat of paint, Rustoleum’s Lagoon.  Great way to freshen up old things and it’s perfect for holding the laundry baskets behind the door. By the way, this room is downstairs, off my den (the blue painted paneled room).  And this room also goes outside to the backyard, so it makes a great mudroom too.

laundry sink

Here’s another good look at the pretty stained gray cabinet that we installed earlier this year, along with  those beautiful laminate marble countertops with integrated Karran sink.  You can read all about that at the links provided.

laundry sink 2

Another Ballard shelf is above the sink and I added some of my cute vintage things I’ve collected.   This sink is SO handy to have here!

ballard shelf over sink

A look at the Moen Annabele faucet and the shelf again. Those vintage botanical bookplates have stayed up there and I really love them. They are just taped up with double sided tape.

ballard shelf (2)

The complete shelf.

Now, let’s look at the other end of the room BEFORE…..


See what I mean??  A PIT!  Take a good look at this pic, it’s about to change drastically.  Notice the little round black stub in the right corner for a toilet.

mudroom end

So, now let’s look at the new area, where we added the wall and door to the storage room.  The door got painted Annie Sloan Antibes Green just like the back door and I love that pop of green in here.  Welcome to my mudroom!

wayfair bench

I work with Wayfair writing some posts for them and they are always very gracious to send me things when I need something and this beautiful bird fabric storage bench is perfect in my mudroom.  All my outdoor shoes are inside, hidden away.

wayfair bird bench

I thought the bird fabric would be perfect in here and it is.  I love it!  Thanks Wayfair (link below to the bench)!

homegoods wall shelf

The pretty reclaimed wood shelf is a Homegoods find and I love it too. I couldn’t resist the painted wood in my colors.  Those cute abstract paintings are a Joss and Main sale find.

homegoods walf shelf 2

I adore this shelf with hooks and had plenty of garden/shells to put in here for display.

mudroom end of space

It’s so nice to have all of this organized now. Now you can see the door open to the toilet and storage area.

black bookcase

One more piece to check out, this is a bookcase from World Market that I bought in Birmingham for my old office space.  I’m going to add beadboard wallpaper to the back of the shelves eventually and paint them a color, but for now it’s organized and ready to use. That weird light at the bottom is a glare off the overhead lights, I think.  By the way, it’s so hard to photograph a room with no windows, so I had to keep on the lights and they completely blow out so you can’t see that they are pretty orbs from Ballard Designs (see pic below).


That cute checkered black and white plate is not only decorative, but it’s hiding a taped seam on the drywall.  I decided that was the best solution. If you can’t work it out, hide it!  I’d much rather look at a pretty plate than a drywall seam gone wrong.

black bookcase with baskets

I found all of these pretty gray and cream fabric baskets from Marshalls and they were very inexpensive at $5 to 8 each, perfect for keeping things organized. I have Frogtape in one, paint brushes in another, hooks and clips in another, my glue gun and sticks in one, and all my Annie Sloan paint stored here too.  This will be so nice to have handy and pretty too.

door to storage

Now let’s go into the potty room.  When I first saw this space was stubbed for a toilet, I laughed at the thought of really putting a toilet in here, but as time went on, I changed my mind.  My parents upgraded their toilet, so I got their old Kohler, which still works fine and had my plumber install it earlier this year, when I added the sink.  It has come in handy SO many times.  Now when we are in the den or outside, it’s right there to use and I don’t have to climb 2 sets of stairs to get to the bathrooms.

No more laughing for me, I’m convinced if you have room for an extra toilet, ADD IT!  I had these pretty photographs that I didn’t have room for elsewhere, so they are nice to look at too in here.

storage 1

I just love my new storage area, where my Christmas bins can be hidden away and all my extra seasonal stuff can too.  I had one of these steel shelves that came from Costco and added another one from Lowes and they are great for getting things organized. I bought another one for my garage too.  Now, I can see what I have and where it is located.  I’m on a mission this year to really get all my spaces organized and the den and garage are next on my list of places to whip into shape.  This gets me inspired!

storage 2

I had that old bookcase too, so I just used all 3 of these shelves together in this 6.5 x 9’ room.  It’s not big, but it’s filled from floor to ceiling and I’m happy to have it.  Christmas bins on one side and seasonal décor on the other.

storage 3

When I finally get around to adding some Ikea bookshelves to the nook in my den, I’ll be using some of this stuff in there, so maybe I really can go yardsale shopping again! I’ve missed it badly. Smile

wide shot

So that’s a look at my new and improved laundry room, a space that I’m truly proud of now.  The door to the right goes to my den so it’s very handy in here.

long shot of laundry room

This gives a good view of the black ceilings and how I painted all of this space out.  I’m so glad I took it in phases and finally got it looking and feeling the way I wanted it.

Happy laundryroom and mudroom, that’s what I got and it’s not only functional now, but clean and fun and I couldn’t be happier with it. So, if you have a space you hate, take a look at my Before pics. If my space can be enhanced and made better, ANY space can!

Source List:

You can find more information for each project in all the posts linked here below:

Paint on Floor:  Stripes on Floor: Sherwin Williams concrete paint in Alabaster and Cityscape.  H&C clear sealer for concrete on top (this clear sealer makes the floors so pretty and shiny).

Walls:  Sherwin Williams Alabaster

Black Ceiling:  Spray painted by professional sprayer

Trellis Rug:  Rugs USA

Greek Key rug by door:  Ballard Designs

Cabinet:  Kitchen sink cabinet from Lowes, unfinished and stained in Rustoleum Weathered Gray.

Countertop and integrated sink:  Formica countertop and Karran Nova sink

Faucet:  Moen Annabele in brushed chrome

Stencil:  Royal Design Stencil Chic Moroccan

Black Shelves:  Ballard Designs

Drapes:  Chevron design from Wayfair

Blue Cabinet with baskets:  Homegoods

Rustic wall shelf:  Homegoods

Bench with bird fabric:  Wayfair

Light Fixtures:  Ballard Designs

Modern Art Canvases:  Joss and Main sale

Black bookcase:  World Market, Riley design

Gray Fabric Baskets on Bookshelf:  Marshalls

Green Door paint:  Annie Sloan Antibes Green

Linking up to Beth’s Tutorials and Tips Party for October!

- Rhoda


  1. You GO, girl!! Wow, Rhoda, what a great space you’ve created. This post will inspire thousands of people, I’m sure. Isn’t it great to see that some imagination, determination, and a bit of elbow grease can do?? I am proud of you, friend!

    (By the way, if I were you I’d hold on to my old washer and dryer. As soon as my fancy new ones bite the dust, I’m going back to an old-fashioned agitator washer!)

  2. Way to go Rhoda! It looks beautiful but very functional.

  3. Looks fantastic! You’ve done a great job with your house. Congratulations!

  4. You are amazing Ronda! I love your laundry room and storage/potty room! You are so lucky to have such a large space. My laundry room/mud room only has room for a tiny sink and the washer and dryer. There is just room enough to walk through from the garage to the kitchen hallway. If I open the dryer door it blocks the door to the garage completely. Sometimes I think builders (men!!) are dumb…no woman would have made the walkway so narrow in a room that has a washer and dryer. My dream laundry room would not be part of the mudroom at all but a separate room with it’s own door. All the dirt from the outside comes into this room and it is a real chore to move the washer and dryer out to clean behind them. Now you know why I wish I had the space that you have. I can’t even decorate my laundry room because every wall is taken up with appliances, cupboards and doors. I really like how you decorated your space and I’m so happy for you. You and your parents have made a beautiful “home” for you and the majority of your hard work is behind you. Now you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. Happy laundry time!

  5. Linda Coleman says:

    WOW! You did an amazing job. Love the before and afters.

  6. Very nice and very down to earth. Love the fact that you don’t hide anything, it is what it is!! Wonderful space Rhoda, enjoy it..:-)

  7. It really is totally amazing. I love what you have done and such a fabulous space to have. Hugs, marty

  8. Hi Rhoda! Wow! What a wonderful transformation! I love how you made your laundry room! I was wondering how you had hung up the curtain in there and then you told me you hung it on the pipes! Genius! 🙂 The mudroom part is lovely too – what a darling little covered bench. I’m with you – the more potties the better! Again, I’m so proud for you. Your home is so pretty.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  9. Rhoda,
    If I hadn’t seen the pictures, I would have never guessed that space was once as dingy as it was. You turned an ordinary space into something bright and cheery. Perfect colors and decor! Oh, and I love the beadboard art. For years, I’ve had a hunk of beadboard to do a similar project. Yours turned out very well. Congrats on the new space!


  10. You did an amazing transformation in this room. I just can’t get over how very different it looks now, wonderful job!

  11. Rhoda — you did such a good job on this used-to-be-ugly spot. Loved following you and seeing this area transform with your talent and resourcefulness.

  12. One can never have too many toilets, that’s what I say! My home is a tiny 2 bed cottage and we fitted a tiny half bath in the corner of the house, stealing 3ft from the kitchen. Like you, we are so glad we did. Well done for the makeover, it looks good!

  13. WOW Rhoda…amazing!! I LOVE every detail. The colors are gorgeous and I especially love the little cabinet from Homegoods with the Bunny weathervane! All of your little vignettes are so charming! You did a fantastic job!!

  14. nice work! you made such practical uses from every bit of that space. great planning! I have my paints and craft things in the corner of a very old basement and your curtain is giving me ideas!

  15. Beautiful laundry room and storage, Rhoda. Great job as always!

  16. Oh wow, what a transformation! You got yourself such an amazing space. I love the colors, patterns, and wow all that space! Enjoy it 😉

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  18. You are a magician! The space looks fantastic and clearly is an important part of keeping your home clean, organized and happy. I am so impressed with you again and again. Thank you for inspiring us all with your talent.

  19. Anne Boykin says:

    Hi Rhoda, You sure get a lot done! What a beautiful transformation and it’s so “you”. Love that you also have a very practical room too. Great job!!

  20. I just showed your laundry room to my husband, he says it reminds him of why he doesn’t want another renovation project!
    Great job and I enjoy your blog and family !

  21. The space really looks amazing, Rhoda. I remember the before and you have truly transformed it. I would love to have a big ol’ laundry room like yours! 🙂

  22. Rhoda, I almost don’t know what to say. One of the most dramatic before and afters I’ve ever seen. Spectacular vision and you pulled it off big time!!

  23. Oh my goodness what a great before and after. I have a laundry room in the basement and it is one of my favorite before and afters and now I do not mind heading down to my dungeon to do the laundry, since I now have a nook. I had the same thing with a mis matched washer and dryer so I painted it and added the words “Wash” and “Dry” It was a fast project that really made a difference at least having them the same color. Here it is if you want to check out the difference for the washer and dryer.

    • HI, Jordan, I love your transformed basement area too! And the Wash/Dry on their is so cute too. I’m going to do something to my fridge & I might as well do a little makeover on the washer/dryer too. Love what you did!

  24. Love your new laundry and storage room, Rhoda. You applied some really innovative ideas for organizing everything. All great!

  25. Wow. Been a follower of yours for years. You never fail to blow me away with your ideas and ingenuity. Very beautiful and very inspiring.

  26. What an amazing transformation! I love all the gorgeous details and how you made it into a fun place to do laundry!

  27. Such an amazing transformation, Rhoda! You should be so proud of yourself and all the work you’ve done in the last year. You truly inspire me to accomplish a few things in my house as well. Congratulations on a beautiful laundry space.

  28. I can almost hear the excitement and pride in your voice Rhoda, and who can blame you?! You’ve done a fabulous job and this is one beautiful, functional space. I wish you many, many years of happiness in your new digs!

  29. Great job, Rhonda! I love the colors you chose. I have my Haven tote hanging in my laundry room, too. 🙂

  30. You’ve done it once again , my friend- created a silk purse from a sow’s ear! It looks amazing! I remember looking through merch at Ballard’s that day with you for those awesome light fixtures! Love that you always have a long- term vision for every little detail.

  31. Your laundry room is just beautiful; you have a right to be proud….Can’t believe how it used to look when you moved in….The added color does it all for me….The bathroom area is also nice….Once again a great job, Rhoda….

  32. Great job, Rhoda. The best part is how much you love and enjoy your results!

  33. Rhoda – beautiful laundry room! and your mud room and storage area gives me inspiration!

    p.s. no ads were distracting my reading your blog- thanks 🙂

  34. Hello Rhoda,
    WOW!!! What an awesome makeover. You did a wonderful job in this room…love all the bright colors that you used in there. Here are some of my favorites,,.the colorful beadboard art, that cute bird bench, the green door and the floor is my #1 favorite. I am always telling folks about your awesome house makeover. Looking forward to finally meeting you (after four years) at the chapel market on Saturday.


  35. You did such an amazing job Rhoda! I absolutely love it 🙂

  36. Remarkable, Rhoda. Every time I think of you and your home, I get a big smile on my face! You worked hard, and you made it your own. Beautifully, I may add.

  37. I don’t think a basement laundry/mud/storage/potty room has EVER looked so good! Is it strange that I’m a little sad you’re officially “done” with your house?!? I always look forward to all your posts though:) Have a great day!

    • Hi, Melanie, I still have the outside, it’s a blank slate so I hope to add some charm and character to all of the outside spaces too. And, I’m sure I’ll be tweaking things along the way inside too. Don’t be sad! 🙂

  38. It truly is an amazing and encouraging makeover. You have such vision to see the possibilities!

  39. Stellastarlite says:

    My grandsons (15 and 13) and I used silver duct tape and striped their garage side-by-side refrigerator. It looks awesome!! Got the idea from a blogger who striped her fridge gold in her rental apartment.

  40. Rhoda! What a beautiful make-over ! Love your sense of style !! ♥ ♥

  41. WOW!! Rhoda this is sooooo gorgeous!! It belongs in a magazine! You are so talented girl! I can see why you are jumping for joy! LOVE!!

  42. I am so inspired. When I see laundry room makeovers, I just shake my head and think “I would have been happy with an upgrade to the before picture”. Finally, someone who has a laundry room like mine! Old house, other people’s 70’s updates… I even have huge a huge old oil tank and a huge old furnace that are too big to go back up the stairs so they are staying. But I think a curtain might work! Thanks for the inspiration!

  43. Gwen Callahan says:

    Hey Rhoda I love the laundry room make over and I have an idea for your fridge! WalMart has Disney chalkboard paint in a lot of fun colors, have you considered chalkboard paint?? Nothing I love more than Jesus and good paint!!!!

    • Hi, Gwen, I did think about chalkboard paint, so I’ll be thinking on that. I don’t want it to be too crazy, but just something to help it look a little prettier.

  44. Hi Rhoda , You did it again. An amazing transformation, and all your little touches that add so much. Love it all. You are such an inspiration. My little laundry room is so tiny, but you inspire me to add my own personality to it.

  45. Hi Ronda! I’m curious what that copper pipe is for to the left and above the washing machine. Is it for hanging laundry on or is it a working pipe to your home?

    Also want to tell you your laundry/mud room inspired me to start my own basement laundry room redo and turn office space into a mud room this past spring. It looks almost as bad as yours. That is until we had a hard rain and one of our window wells filled up with water and flooded the basement office and mud room area. We had to tear up the carpeting in there and all those project ideas are on hold until we can get some money together and replace the carpeting and now add tile where once there was carpet. Didn’t realize that you need flood insurance to cover that kind of water damage. We always felt we didn’t need flood insurance because our home sits on a very high point of our neighborhood and this area has never had any flooding issues as far as I’ve lived in this neck of my town. Live and learn!

    • HI, Cory, that is not copper, but a wooden closet rod I hung up to hang wet clothes when drying on hangers. I’m going to paint it white, just haven’t done it yet, and it needs to be cut down slightly. It’s great to have it handy to hang things on. So sorry about your flood, that does sound like a freak thing to happen.

  46. Amazing job, Rhoda!! It’s so very YOU — beautiful and interesting… I would LOVE to do laundry in this space!
    xo Heidi

  47. It looks beautiful! I would have had a hard time envisioning all that from the beginning too. You did a fabulous job of turning a dingy basement into a welcome area.

  48. AMAZING is the best word for what you have accomplished with those spaces! Man what a transformation. You definitely have super powers when it comes to fixer-uppers! I have been moaning about having only a laundry closet for years, so I am jealous of all your space. You did great!!!! One question….do you know why Richella said she was going back to the older styled washer and dryer when her nice new ones die? I currently have the same kind that you have and will eventually need to replace them.

    • Hey, Kelly, I have no idea why either. I have heard that the new ones don’t have agitators like the old ones do, so maybe that is it. Maybe the agitators get clothes cleaner?? We’ll have to find out! I’m keeping these until they quit working, I’m sure.

      • The new machines do not have agitators – so when my old faith quit working we bought a front load washer and dryer – money well spent.

      • I have heard that the front loading washers tend to harbor mold, as they have to be water tight and air tight to work. There was one brand (I don’t remember which) that there are a lot of law suits going on because of mold.

  49. Love! Love! Love it, Rhoda! You definitely have the gift of making a boring space beautiful, fun and interesting. Who wouldn’t want to spend time doing laundry when you can enjoy this lovely scenery?

  50. You are so talented! I adore that little bird-print bench.

  51. What a great improvement, it doesn’t matter if things are not perfect, after all it is a basement but the difference before and after is dramatic. My little laundry area is to be worked on this summer, its tiny, I just hope I can come up with a solution to create more room and storage.

    I love the bird fabric, I am working on a post featuring birds at the moment, I wasn’t sure whether to post or not but seeing your fabric made me decide to pursue more images and publish. Birds seem to be all the rage right now, at least in Australasia.

    Lee 🙂

    • HI, Lee, thanks so much. Technically this space is not a basement, it’s totally level with the outside so not underground at all. It just appears that way because of the open ceiling and no windows. ONe day I hope to put a window in here & that will make a big difference too!

  52. Rosie from Raymore says:

    Your laundry looks fabulous! Isn’t it a great feeling to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear? That’s what my Mama always said. ha

  53. Your hard work has really paid off..looks great…I know you are so proud of it…

  54. I love the colors you chose – especially the floors!

  55. Constance McQueen says:

    I know you ARE proud of your new space, it’s a wonderful transformation!

  56. It is just beautiful, Rhoda! What a fantastic transformation! It’s such a bright and cheery space. I would actually enjoy doing laundry there — which is saying a lot because I do a million loads a week! Enjoy!

  57. Hi Rhoda,
    This looks amazing! I love the happy feel of it. My laundry has painted cinder block walls and a concrete floor, I’m thinking now I’d like to jazz it up and give it a happy feel too!

    I never realized your space was so large, it’s like a laundry room, mud room and craft room!

    About the washer and dryer, I never noticed that they weren’t a pair. As some previous comments were about new washers and dryers….. I think it’s that they don’t clean as well. Front loaders have problems with mildew and odors and my biggest complaint is that new appliance just aren’t made as well as older ones! My friends are constantly complaining about theirs and I’ve had my 7 or 8 year old set repaired 3 times! With the price of appliances these days and so many repairs… it’s so frustrating!

  58. Wow, congratulations! the space looks great and I love that you have different areas done – well done! 😉 I can’t believe its been a year since you moved in, where does the time go??

  59. Lady Delores LeBoeuf says:

    AWESOME transformation, tfs…

  60. The laundry room went from dungeon to divine! Wow, again! You have such a way of bringing purpose and pleasure to a drab space. My favorite aspect of the room is the upholstered storage bench. Thanks for the inspiration! Vic

  61. Nice! Love how you’ve transformed a dingy space into a welcoming, stylish laundry area 🙂

  62. Wow. My laundry room rivals your before pics. This is great inspiration. Love what you’ve done!

  63. Cathy Farmer says:

    Love it!

  64. Wow! What a transformation! It looks beautiful, Rhoda!

  65. I absoultely LOVE what you’ve done in your laundry room! It doesn’t look like a dungeon anymore! I really like the patterns you chose for the floor rug and the wall. They really work together well to create some personality for the room! I would love it if you’d link this up to Frugal Crafty Home Blog Hop. Our readers love to see awesome transformations like this!

  66. Gaye Marianes-Fox says:

    What a beautiful makeover! Thanks for showing your mismatched set! Too often we only see the brand new, top of the line washer and dryer set. Some of us don’t want those. Thanks for being “real”.

  67. Fabulous laundry room makeover. LOVE all the paint, patterns and prints. Thanks SO much for sharing at the Frugal Crafty Home Blog Hop!

  68. Oh wow! This is by far one of the best transformations i’ve seen.. too bad there is a hometalk tv program to show the world this… Kudos to you

  69. Rhoda … I absolutely LOVE how to you took a dump of a room and made it shine! Beautiful job!!

  70. Rhonda N. says:

    Hi Rhoda!

    I am preparing to paint my concrete floor after 2 years of thinking I was just on the verge of getting hardwoods. I am waiting no more! I’ll just have to strip them when hardwoods come my way.

    I have heard amazing things about Sherwin Williams Porch and Floor paint, and that is what I plan to use. My question(s): You cleaned the floor, but no sanding, right? That’s what I recall reading from your how-to post. And, that’s what the guys at SW told me to do. Also, I’m curious to know how the paint has held up over the last year and a half? I understand this is a low-traffic area for you, while my living room is high traffic with 5 people and kids’ friends coming through. But I need some idea!

    Thanks in advance for the input!

    • Hi, Rhonda, I did not sand. And my floors are holding up really well. They have only scratched in a couple of places when we have scooted things across the floor. And I have touched them up and added the glossy top coat on them when I finished the rest of the renovations in there. Overall, I’ve been very very happy with the product and would definitely do it again. I’m not even sure you would have to strip the floors to put down hardwood, maybe scuff them up and I would think that you’d have to use glue anyway. Go for it! You may even change your mind about the hardwoods. I was totally going to do a treatment on my den floor concrete too, but the bank beat me to it and added new carpet.

  71. You did such an amazing job of turning that old icky-looking space into a place of peace, happiness, and beauty. I’m very inspired to make our laundry room better. Thank you for posting where you got your items- it helps me get an idea of what options I have and costs associated with such a project. I’m determined not to have a drab laundry room ! :]

  72. Judy Shepherd says:

    Thank You sooo much for providing a source list. Sometimes I’ll see something that I like a lot (like that rug) and not know where to get it 🙂

  73. I was looking at different laundry room and found yours, this is a great laundry room and so many uses. I just finished mine and we are lucky to have such cool laundry spaces.


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