Woodstock Market: Part 1

I visited Woodstock Market when they were still in the old location in Woodstock, but one year ago they relocated to a new building located at Hwy. 92 and Bells Ferry Rd. in Acworth, the old Hobby Lobby building.  It’s new and improved and I got a chance to stop by and see it all last weekend with their anniversary sale going on.

Woodstock Market

You might all remember that I introduced you to Marc Jones, my sister’s neighbor, a year ago Christmas when I photographed his house all decked out for the Holidays in 2011 and took so many pics I had to feature it in 3 parts.  You may want to go check out those posts too, to really enjoy Marc’s style and what a great decorator he is.  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.   We have a love of interior design in common and you all went ga-ga over his house!  Marc’s Facebook page is The Consignor’s Designer, so check him out.

Marc Jones designs

Marc has long worked with Woodstock Market in doing their displays and now he is fulltime working there with a storefront of his own, as well as the designer for the Market.  I had so much fun seeing it all, as Marc took me around showing me all the different storefronts with so many unique ideas and creations.  We’ve all seen antique mall spaces before, but Woodstock Market takes it way further than that with so many special storefronts and vendors, each offering special and unique things.

Marc Jones designs1

Marc’s space was easy to spot, with his signature style of neutrals with pops of color.

Marc Jones designs2

I love the effort they have gone too in really building out these spaces like real little shops and Marc’s was so pretty in white moldings.

Marc Jones designs3

He did board and batten with grasscloth above, a fresh look for sure.

Marc Jones designs9

Blue sofa and lots of punches of color.

Marc Jones designs 6

I loved this striped piece.  With a mix of new, consignment pieces and antiques and collectibles, there’s something for all house lovers at Woodstock Market.

Marc Jones designs7

I think these were paint by numbers, a personal fave of mine.  I wish I had kept the many I did as a child.  They look extra fun on the grasscloth wallpaper.

Marc Jones designs5

Pretty vintage table painted in blue.

Marc Jones designs8

Marc has a great eye with putting things together.

Marc outdoors

Outside his space, a patio set up with lots of color too.  I can’t wait for Spring!

Justin Woodstock Market

We met Justin Cave, who is on HGTV’s Ground Breakers and he runs this neat shop, Mercantile on Main.

Justin Cave space

I loved how he had it all displayed, such a manly type space. He said the back wall is all pallet wood.

Justin Cave

I told him bloggers have been doing this trick too, but working with pallet wood is a lot more tricky since the nails have to be removed. It sure is a cool look though!

Justin Cave 2

Justin did a wonderful job with his space.  So appealing!

stone fireplace

There’s rustic stone fireplace built in the middle of the antiques market.  Instead of me trying to narrate all the rest of the pics, I’m going to let you enjoy them all. There are many different vendors in place and you can see some of the names above the store fronts.  It was fun to meet many of the shop owners and I’d definitely recommend you all checking this one out, it’s got a great mix of fun things that we all love.

Woodstock Market 1

Woodstock Market 2

Woodstock Market 3

Woodstock Market mercury glass

Woodstock Market 4

Woodstock Market 5

Woodstock Market 6

I do have to stop on this pic, above.  See that beautiful landscape original oil painting propped above?  When I spotted it, I fell in love.

my oil painting Woodstock Market

They were having a 20% off sale on everything in the market, so I got it for $72, not bad for original art.   I’m not sure exactly where I’ll put it, but I’m about to get a rustic mantel installed on my fireplace, so it might go up on the rock.  It’s such a pretty piece and I love vintage paintings like this.

Woodstock Market 7

Woostock Market 8

Woodstock Market 9

Woodstock Market 10

Woodstock Market 11

Woodstock Market 12

Woodstock Market 13

Woodstock Market 14

Loved this leather ottoman, what an unusal look it has!

Woodstock Market 15

Woodstock Market 16

Woodstock Market 17

Woodstock Market 18

Woodstock Market 19

woodstock Market 20

Woodstock Market 21

Woodstock Market 22

Woodstock Market 23

Woodstock Market 24

Woodstock Market 25

Again, if you go to Woodstock Market, head to the back and look for the white storefront and see if Marc is there and introduce yourself. He’d love to meet you, as would all the other vendors at the Woodstock Market.  It’s a great place to browse and I was thoroughly impressed with their new space.

I took so many pics, that I’ll be breaking this into 2 parts, so come back tomorrow for Part 2!

- Rhoda


  1. That shop looks A-mazing!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Rhoda, I’ve had the best time introducing my friends to Woodstock Market since your first post about it. Love it – I draw inspiration from it every time I go. And the thrift store beside it usually has a goody or two as well! Thanks for the pics.

  3. What a beautiful place…it will definitely be on my “places to go” when I am in the Atlanta area again…Thanks Rhoda!

  4. Phyllis says:

    It was a fantastic open house. There’s so much inspiration and eye candy everywhere you look. Can’t believe they have only been in this new location for a year and they are still growing.

  5. Rhoda, that picture stopped me dead in my tracks too! It looks extremly similiar to one I have that my great Grandfather painted. I treasure it. You got a great price on it, the frame alone is well worth that.

    I would love to check out that market if I’m ever in your part of the country. Love that it’s so neat and everything is displayed so lovely. Enjoyed the pictures.

  6. Loved every pic. Would love to go there and visit.

    Thanks, and have a great day!

  7. Was exciting to meet you at your open house and again at Woodstock Market.
    I only joined the WM family a month ago but have been blown away by the creativity and talent in one shop.
    The pictures you posted capture the true look of Woodstock Market and look forward to part 2 tomorrow.

  8. What a fun place! Looks like I could spend days in there 😉 Good thing I don’t live close to it or else I would have a new (and expensive) favorite past time!

  9. I occasionally rent an outdoor booth for WM’s vintage market the first weekend of every month. Glad I didn’t this weekend, though, since the temps were at freezing- yikes! Woodstock Market is a place you could spend a whole day looking around. Now if only there were a snack bar, so you don’t have to leave for lunch! 🙂

  10. Rhoda, a big thank you for the great pictures and the fun time we had walking and viewing the market. Everyone was thrilled to meet you and speak so highly of your blog. I am most appreciative for your continued support of my work and look forward to many more endeavors together in the future. This was a great opening weekend and for your readers, we will be having a diner in the market, it just did not get opened for this show but will be opened very soon, so you can literally spend the day with us. The Woodstock Market is open everyday. I look forward to meeting your followers and assisting them find the perfect items for their homes. Rhoda, you are “simply the best”!!!!

  11. Can not wait to visit Woodstock Market!!! Thank you for letting us know about this wonderful place and about Marc!!
    I am excited to visit Marc’s facebook page!!

  12. I think I need some Woodstock Market in my life! Looking forward to part 2.

  13. What a spectacular place. So many goodies, this would be a place to visit for sure. Thanks for sharing.


  14. This is perfect timing, Rhoda! I’m looking for a few new places to go to help pass the time on weekends here and there now. I’ve made note of the address and will be going to check it out soon. 🙂

  15. WOW! Lots of great stuff! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  16. Beth Morrow says:

    I have got to come to Atlanta! Love all the places to shop! Thanks for the tour!

  17. Wow, looks like a great place to spend a few hours and lose some serious bucks. 🙂

  18. Wow! What a wonderful place to visit! I want to go there! I miss having a place like that to visit occasionally, but alas, our city is woefully behind when it comes to Antique malls.
    Have a great day and thanks for showing this today!

  19. I would LOVE to have that Fried Green Tomatoes sign!!! Looks like a fun place to see and I’m looking forward to seeing the rest!

  20. Love, love, love the oil painting.

  21. I love Woodstock Market and get lots of ideas there… I just don’t ever find a really good deal. 🙂 It’s a window shopping spot for me!
    Great pics, Rhoda!
    xo Heidi

    • Heidi, we all have deals , it is not just a window shopping store, there are deals everywhere. The great thing about our store is there is literally something for everyone, from high end furniture, to antiques, to garden pieces , to shabby chic. Come on back and come see me , I will help you find the deals! Happy shopping! Marc Jones, ” The Consignor’s Designer”

  22. Hi Rhoda,
    You did a special opening at Homegoods and I am happy to see a new one coming near me! Any idea how to find out if they are doing a “bloggers” special like you had?

    • HI, Bonnie, they are only doing a few of those, so it might be unlikely that your area would have one. Sorry, I don’t really know the answer!

  23. Wow – what eye candy! I could stay for days at that market!! I love that landscape painting you bought…I love vintage landscapes too! I have one with trees along a river scene and it’s so tranquil! Thanks for sharing all of this amazing decor! Heather

  24. How fun! We’ll definitely have to have a meetup there. I went this past weekend too but it was freezing cold outside so I didn’t see the outdoor booths, and we had the kids with us so it was not an enjoyable experience! I didn’t get to see much. I need to make another trip (with grownups next time!)

  25. Love the painting you purchased – really good deal! Thanks for the beautiful pics! Can’t wait for part 2! Looks like there’s lots of goodies I could take home with me!

  26. Also, check out Laura at Rethunk Junk at Woodstock Market. She is awesome at “rethunking” furniture and decor. She’ll even teach you her painting techniques!!!

  27. Rhoda,
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful store…I will try to check it out the next time that I am in the area.


  28. I am fortunate to live in Towne Lake about 10 minutes from Woodstock Market. While I was heartbroken when the Hobby Lobby relocated to Town Center, I was thrilled when Woodstock Market came! The shop where your bought your awesome art is where we bought one of the great baskets sitting on the floor in front of the art! Perfect for the hub’s vintage golf ball collection! And did you get to meet Laura Whitlow from Rethunk Junk? That chick can do wonders with thrift store furniture! The Woodstock Antiques across the street has some great things as well! Between those two stores and the thrift store, I can make a day of shopping right there!

  29. Rhoda,
    I was thrilled to see you walking by while working in my showroom Saturday morning at Woodstock Market! I could have never imagined how beautifully would bring the store to life on your lovely blog though.
    Wow and thanks!
    Stacy Brown

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