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  1. PC says

    I have a Richardson Bros. oak table too since 1988 I have no intention of ever letting go. It will be left for the family. I was so excited when we bought it and use it daily.

  2. Mary S says

    I’m a long-time follower, Rhoda and have loved all your styles. We learn over the years, don’t we? I’ve learned to keep big pieces neutral and paint does wonders. Thank you for this amazing post! So fun!

    • Rhoda says

      Thank you, Mary, I’m so glad you enjoyed this post. It was fun to put together and I tried to make it applicable to all of us.

  3. Glenda Meyers says

    Love seeing your evolving taste, and I have enjoyed every stage!! Some of the things you changed, I still see in my house such as the pillows with fringe, lamps with stick-like bases and flared shades, but I still like them very much; so I find it difficult to change out all of them. I still love all of my stuff everywhere, but I am constantly trying to pare down all of my “stuff!” Thanks so much for the tour of your past and present styles!! So helpful to me as a guide as I attempt to pare down my “pretties!” Thank you!

  4. Teresa Purves says

    What a great post! So fun seeing how our styles and tastes have changed over the years. I went through different periods as well such as French farmhouse but I would define my style now very similar to yours with a more traditional and classic look with vintage (mostly from the 60’s) paired in. My prized possession is my 60’s Drexel faux bamboo dining table and chairs. I had the table and chairs lacquered in a glossy white and the chairs upholstered in a blue leopard fabric. I really love touches of chinoserie as well and have a gorgeous white faux bamboo mirror in my dining space as well. I have found many vintage blanc de chine Asian pieces at consignment, antique, vintage and even thrift stores!
    I love the seagrass rug you switched out to in your living room. I noticed it right away and thought how much classic and cleaner it looks with your existing sofa and chairs. The leopard print Shaw rug has always been a favorite of mine as well and I wished they still carried it. I am currently looking at replacing my family room rug for a diamond patterned sisal/wool mix rug by Fibreworks rugs. They only sell to designers so you cant purchase them directly but instead you must go through a interior designer. Thanks again for such a fun post.

    • Rhoda says

      Hi Teresa, your bamboo pieces sound devine! I know I would love all that as well with my adoration of vintage bamboo. The white lacquer sounds so fresh and current. It’s so fun to figure out ways to update our styles.

  5. Lucinda says

    I have a friend who is 70+ and has a beautiful home. She told me she has a decorator friend she has over once a year and she asks her what is making her house look old. She they go through and edit accessories and she makes suggests on updates. Nothing looks as out of date as clutter! Love all of your updates!

    • Rhoda says

      Thank you, Lucinda, that’s a great idea for your friend to do. It helps to have another eye too.

  6. Mary formerly of the boondocks says

    Great post Rhoda on how to reuse what you have and still make it look contemporary. I think we live in an era where everything changes every couple of years, but you have shown us that it doesn’t mean we have to throw all our decor away and start fresh.

  7. Jane H. says

    What a great reference post! Very useful. I’ve liked all your houses and all your styles. Who knows? We may cycle back to the busier look at some point.

    • Rhoda says

      HI, Susan that was a gift from Couture Lamps. I am friends with the owner on Instagram and she sent the lamp to me. Look up Couture Lamps, they are designer and expensive but so nice. It’s the same brand as my dining room gold lamps too.

  8. Donna says

    Your style is my very favorite, classic and timeless with a few trendy items in the mix. Enjoyed this post.

  9. Diane says

    Great post! You’ve got me giving my lamps the side eye 😉. They may be dating my decor!
    Seeing the then CS now really crystallized each point you made.

    • Rhoda says

      Thank you, Diane, glad you enjoyed. I’m not sure what CS is and if you love your lamps keep them. But lamps and lighting are one thing I notice that many people don’t update often. It can really add the modern mix in traditional decor when you update the shapes and styles.

  10. Teresa says

    What an awesome post! You can tell you put your heart and soul into writing it. I have been a long time follower and truly appreciate your advice. Thanks so much for you being you!

    • Rhoda says

      Thank you, Teresa, I did spend a bit of time on this one and it was fun to put together. Made me realize how far my style has evolved since I’ve been blogging. All for the better, I think.

  11. Connie says

    I think your current home is a perfect mix and seems comfortably current. You have made it your own.
    I have enjoyed reading this and can definitely relate to some of your previous rooms (I had a very similar style going at the time)!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Rhoda says

      Thank you, Connie, we really love our home so much and are always looking at ways to make it even better for us.

  12. Adele Haney LeChien says

    What a great post Rhoda. Sure takes a bit of a load off our shoulders when we have keepsake items we’d like to decorate with forever. You have given so many great ideas in this share that I may be able to finally figure out just what and where we might be able to update a few things in our small home. You sure have made some beautiful changes over the years and have become a very talented decorator that we just love so follow and learn from. You have a very artistic eye and exquisite taste. Thanks for the great share…Adele.

    • Rhoda says

      Thank you Adele, decorating our homes is always a journey. I’m so glad you enjoyed this one, I did put some time and thought into this process so I am glad that all came through and it may help you with your own home.

  13. Carole says

    Oh the trends we go through. I guess it’s somewhat of an evolution in design. I also love so many different styles of decor as you write about. I started out many years ago with the darker woods and while I love the warm colors I don’t think I’ll change either. While the younger generation are not interested in antiques ,my husband and I still enjoy them. I have kept things fresh with pretty pillows like you said. Your right however , it really should reflect our personalities , to rid our homes of what we have only to get all new , simply because of a trend can be a costly mistake. Your home will look modern and new but not reflect your personality. I love how you mix things up because your house is always beautiful.

  14. Tracy says

    Thank you for this, Rhoda. I waited to read it until I had time to study the photos. I have watched your style evolve. I have followed a lot of your advice myself over the years. At times, my classic brown furniture was considered so dated but, I love it and it’s me so I have tried to update in other ways. I’m looking forward to more updates in my home soon.

    • Rhoda says

      HI, Tracy, so glad you enjoyed! I tried to write it as a helpful guide to what has helped me update my spaces over the years and it can be applied to all of us.

  15. Terry says

    This is very helpful, Rhoda! I love your home and could move right in. Blue/aqua and white are my favorites, too! Thank you!

  16. Ruth Newton says

    I love this post. I think you wrote it just for me! I can so relate to so many of the decor items you mentioned (and unfortunately I still have a few, shh!) But I agree with the internet being so fresh with new ideas, I have started to transition to a more modern feel. Our decor style is so similar. Thanks for always inspiring me!

  17. Nary Ann says

    Love the past decor reminds me of what my decor looked like. Your recent decor is an inspiration and I love the blue transition through out your house has given me the incentive to do the same. Love your blog.


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