Fashion over 50: Striped Off the Shoulder Top

Happy Wednesday!  I'm still in Little Rock today at Moss Mountain farm and no doubt having a fabulous time here. Last weekend, I went to my cousin's son's graduation party and wore a new top that I just got.  You know how those ads scroll by on Facebook and some of them are clothing?   Well, that's how this top landed in my cart and I bought it.  It's from a company called Rosegal, which by the … [Read more...]

Fashion over 50: Spring Casual for Mother’s Day

Can you believe this outfit on Sunday was the only day I really got dressed and out the door for the week?  Oh I dressed and went out other days, but it was yoga pants and workout gear, or just jeans and a casual shirt with sneakers the other days.  As I get further into Summer you may not see me getting that dressed up at all. I tend to be really casual during the summer months when the temps get … [Read more...]

Fashion over 50: Casual Spring Outings

Hi, friends!  I don't have that much to share today on Fashion over 50.  I tell you, I don't know how the "real" fashion bloggers do it all the time, because once a week rolls around way too often some weeks.  I can't imagine putting together "new" outfits every other day or so, I'm happy that I opted to only share once a week. That's plenty for me! Since my lifestyle these days is mostly … [Read more...]

Summer Chef’s Set Specials!

A few months ago, I introduced you to Grove Collaborative and I'm back today with another Summer kick-off special from them. They come out with promotions a few times a year and this is a really good one!  If you love Mrs. Meyers products and other more good for you cleaning products, then you'll love Grove Collaborative's products.  They offer several different brands including Mrs. Meyers, … [Read more...]

Fashion over 50: Spring Pants and Top

My sister and I went shopping last week to Stein Mart to get something for our mom, since her birthday is tomorrow.  She loves clothes and so we each got her a new outfit from Stein Mart, which is a store that she usually likes to browse.  We can always count on them for colorful, stylish and reasonable prices in clothing.  I couldn't help but look too as we were scouring the racks for something … [Read more...]

Fashion over 50: Spring Comfort Top

I've shared several times before about the many and varied comfort tops from Covered Perfectly and today I've got a new color to share, this luscious shade of teal.  Covered Perfectly caters to the over 50 woman by making (in the USA) soft and supple fabric tops that are comfortable, easy to take care of, and they are longer than normal, making them ideal for the older woman's wardrobe.  If you … [Read more...]

Travel Tips: Organizing Your Suitcase

It's probably no secret on my blog that I love to travel. Always have and probably always will.  Give me a destination and a time in mind to get on a plane or travel by car on a road trip and I'm in!  I love to go and  do new things and see new places. That's just part of a fun and inspiring life for me and something I've always enjoyed. Going on a trip requires packing a suitcase and I've … [Read more...]

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