Fashion over 50: Casual Gray Skinnies and Top

Hi, friends, it's Wednesday again, it sure rolls around fast!  As usual, it's been a pretty casual week for me and as summer arrives, I don't do a lot of dressing up. Dressing down, in fact is the norm for me as this season brings hot weather and I just want to be cooler. Summer just calls for dressed down clothing for me! I still like to look cute when I go out and if I'm going to be … [Read more...]

Fashion over 50: Off the Shoulder Top

Hi, friends!  I'm back with Fashion over 50 today with a repeat from  last year. This is a cute, cute cold shoulder top that I got from Glamour Farms last year when I was working with them regularly. We aren't doing anything right now, so I don't have any codes for you, but this is probably my most fave top I got from them.  It's such a pretty color and how could I NOT pose in front of my gorgeous … [Read more...]

Fashion over 50: Casual Shorts and Top

Hi, friends!  Summer is heating up around these parts and that means I really look for ways to dress cool and casual.  You won't find me with heavy clothes on anymore and sometimes when I know I'll be outside for a few hours, that means shorts are in order.  I don't love wearing a lot of shorts anymore, but they are a necessary thing in the summer months and so I have a few pair that I like that … [Read more...]

Fashion over 50: Blue Summer Top White Jeans

As usual this week, it's been a casual time for me and this week's Fashion over 50 is a casual blue summer top that I picked up at the Atlanta market last January during the samples sales. It's sleeveless and so now it's time to get it out and try it out and I really like the color and style of this one. My little sidekick, Cody, is checking things out at the door. The brand is Side … [Read more...]

Fashion over 50: Striped Off the Shoulder Top

Happy Wednesday!  I'm still in Little Rock today at Moss Mountain farm and no doubt having a fabulous time here. Last weekend, I went to my cousin's son's graduation party and wore a new top that I just got.  You know how those ads scroll by on Facebook and some of them are clothing?   Well, that's how this top landed in my cart and I bought it.  It's from a company called Rosegal, which by the … [Read more...]

Fashion over 50: Spring Casual for Mother’s Day

Can you believe this outfit on Sunday was the only day I really got dressed and out the door for the week?  Oh I dressed and went out other days, but it was yoga pants and workout gear, or just jeans and a casual shirt with sneakers the other days.  As I get further into Summer you may not see me getting that dressed up at all. I tend to be really casual during the summer months when the temps get … [Read more...]

Fashion over 50: Casual Spring Outings

Hi, friends!  I don't have that much to share today on Fashion over 50.  I tell you, I don't know how the "real" fashion bloggers do it all the time, because once a week rolls around way too often some weeks.  I can't imagine putting together "new" outfits every other day or so, I'm happy that I opted to only share once a week. That's plenty for me! Since my lifestyle these days is mostly … [Read more...]

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