Best Projects of 2014 Party!

It’s always fun to look back and see what we’ve accomplished for the year, isn’t it?  This year is no exception and as I look back on 2014, I can see so many wonderful things that I’m happy to say I can now cross off my list.  Making progress on a home is a rewarding thing and I have definitely made a lot of improvements on this fixer-upper of mine.

This wasn’t the biggest year of projects for me, but we did manage to do a few high impact renovations around here, mostly on the exterior.

top projects 2014

I’m also hosting a link party today for all of the other bloggers out there who want to join in, so take a look at the bottom of the post to link up and to see lots more inspiration for the year!

One of the biggest projects this year that was finished up right around the first of the year, was adding my front portico.  It was so exciting to get this project done and then in April, to have the whole house painted made such a huge difference in my house.  This was a high impact project for sure!


Remember this look, the original poor excuse for a porch?  After the railing and steps came down. This time last year, the portico was just getting finished.


I even added a garland for Christmas, even though it wasn’t quite completed yet.  I was still giddy to have it built.


In April, the whole house was painted and that was the crowning touch on the house exterior makeover.

In February, one of the most exciting things happened in our family.  Baby Parker was born (my niece, Lauren, had a baby girl) and it was an exciting time for our whole family.  We have enjoyed every minute, seeing her grow and this Christmas was such a fun time having her around.  She has changed our family forever!


She still has those beautiful lips that she was born with.

Also in February, I wrote a post about Defining your Style and it was a popular post about staying true to yourself and not trying to follow everything you see in blogland. 


(One of my favorite style pics ever, from House Beautiful)

In March, my dad and I started working on the Billy bookcase project (Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3) and got that completed in a few weeks time.  That was also another great project that I had on my list and was so happy to see it finished.


In June, my entire front yard was landscaped with Southern Living Plant collection and wow, did that make a huge difference.  This was something that I had wished for since I moved in and it was such a joy to have this blessing added to my list of things to be grateful for.

my house

The Before and After pics are amazing! front-yard-after-landscape.jpg

Seeing this transformation of my front yard take place was a thrill for me.  This was the year of working outside and making huge improvements after 2 years in my home.


In October, I did a drop leaf table transformation for my friend, Ruby, who will soon move into her lake cottage, hopefully by February or so.  It was fun making this table over, using paint!


This cute table will be heading to the lake soon!

Also, in October, my dad and I tackled a retaining wall in the front yard that I had long envisioned.


Before, it was a messy slope of a bank with clay and weeds.  Not appealing at all!


After the retaining wall, it has much needed curb appeal and still wows me when I drive in my driveway every day.

house after

I recently did a recap post of my entire house renovation, room by room, as well as the exterior, showing all the progress we’ve made on this house in the last 2 1/2 years.  What a journey it has been!  I’m so glad to be where I am now and not still working on tons of projects.  I have no idea what all I’ll be doing next year, but I’m sure there will be a few projects along the way.  Most of my big projects are done (thank goodness!), but I will still have plenty to share!


Porch exterior, Before.

exterior back of house

And After!

Thank you ALL for hanging with me for almost 8 years now.  This blogging journey has been incredible and I’m so grateful for all of you, my readers, who have been with me for SO long.  Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. You keep this blog going and that is a huge blessing to me!  I cannot wait to see what 2015 holds.  Each new year is like a present, just waiting to be opened.

For those of you who want to link up, feel free to add your posts below.  I would love it if you’d link back to this post, so that your readers can find the party too. There will be lots of inspiration to see!  Happy New Year!

Please DO NOT link up random posts from your blog.   I would prefer this to be a  recap of your top 2014 projects and not just simply linking back to your old posts. If it is not relevant to this party, I will delete! Thanks for understanding!

My friend, Jenna, and some of her friends are also doing a year end 2014 link party too, so check them out as well. 

- Rhoda


  1. Loved seeing your beautiful projects this year Rhoda…may you have a very Happy and Healthy New Year…and thanks for hosting the party!

  2. Thank you so much for hosting Rhoda!!!! Love looking at everyone’s projects from the year 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for hosting Rhoda! Can’t wait to check out the other people’s projects! I do think Baby Parker is probably the best project of the year though!

  4. Rhoda – what you accomplished on the exterior of your home in 2014 is just ahhh – mazing! We so often focus on the interior of our homes, so it’s really refreshing to see the before and the WOW afters of your home’s exterior! It all looks beautiful!! Well done!!!

  5. Fun look back, Rhoda! What a great year!

  6. Amazing year for you and your family! And you’re right, those little lips are the cutest!!
    Thanks for hosting, I look forward to seeing your progress in 2015!
    Happy New Year,

  7. What a great year you have had, the portico project was one of my favorites of yours. Thanks for hosting the party! Wishing you an amazing 2015!

  8. Thanks for hosting a fun year end project party!

  9. Thanks SO much for hosting this fun party! I look forward to it each year. It’s always so fun to go back and look at what all we’ve accomplished around here over the past years. I read my yearly review posts back to 2011 this morning. It’s amazing to how much of my life is documented on my blog. So happy I have all this written down. Love you sweet friend-we have had some amazing fun times together this year with lots of laughs! Happy New Years!

  10. Rhoda, when I look at the exterior of your home and what you have accomplished during this year, I am in awe! You are truly an inspiration to me and thousands of others! Wishing you, your family, and baby Parker good health and happiness in the new year!

  11. Love looking back over your year and those sweet little baby lips. 🙂 Can’t wait to see what ‘s in store for you in the coming year. Many blessings to you, Rhoda!


  12. Wow Rhoda you totally inspire me! What amazing projects and beautiful transformations! I think for this next year I need to reach for those big projects I have been afraid to try.Thanks so much for hosting!

  13. Hi Rhoda,
    You accomplished so much in 2014. Love all your landscaping and the retaining wall is amazing. Thanks for hosting the party. It’s such fun to look back and see what kept us busy over the past year.
    Happy New Year,
    Pieced Pastimes

  14. Crystal Tingle says:

    Wow! What a great year. Thanks so much for such a wonderful blog. You are a part of my nightly routine. When I finally relax at the end of my day I go straight to you and Cyndi Spivey. Y’all are my favorites out in blog land.

  15. Loved your post – so much fun to look back at all those projects! Thanks for hosting!

  16. Rhoda, thank you for hosting this fun and inspiring party. The transformation in you home from when you purchased it until now is so amazing. Can’t wait to see what’s up for 2015. sb

  17. I loved your portico addition… and seeing baby Parker. Her Santa photo was perfection, and yes, he was a great Santa!! Thanks so much for hosting the year-end party Rhoda. Wishing you a wonderful New Year!! ~Shannon

  18. Thank you so much for hosting Rhoda, I hope you have a wonderful New Year!

  19. Thanks so much Rhoda for hosting this link up! I love reflecting & reminiscing on the year to truly see how much has been accomplished. It was great seeing you in September in NYC and I hope we get to meet again in 2015. Cheers to the New Year! xo Jenna

  20. What a great year it has been! I love all your projects, but the retaining wall is the one I’m most coveting. 🙂 Happy New Year, Rhoda!

  21. 2014 was an awesome year! It was fun reliving the best of projects, decor and recipes! You’ve done an amazing job transforming the exterior of your home – I can just imagine you smiling each time you come home. I believe 2015 will just be even better for us all! Thank you for hosting – Have a blessed New Year,

  22. Rhoda I look forward to this party every year! You truly had a wonderful year and your house is now a home. Baby Parker is such a dear sweetheart.

    Have a lovely new year!

  23. Thank you so much, Rhoda, for hosting this party! It was therapeutic for me to look back at what’s been going on around here in 2014.

    It makes me so happy to look back at everything you’ve accomplished in your home this year. Bit by bit, you’re turning your house into a place of such charm and beauty, making it a great reflection of you! I pray that it’s always a source of joy in your life.

    Bless you, dear lady!

  24. Hello Rhoda ~ Thank you for hosting the Best of 2014! Each year seems to go by so quickly and I wonder “What the heck did I do last year?” This is a wonderful way to see what the heck I did do and count my blessings at the same time. Hello 2015 and all the best to you, Rhoda!

  25. You had another wonderful year, Rhoda. Best wishes to you in 2015!

  26. I love all of the projects you tackled this year. Swooning over your porches! I love everything about sitting on a screened in porch and relaxing. Especially with all of the update you added:) Wishing you lots of success and happiness in the New Year!

  27. You had an amazing year, Rhoda! And thanks for taking us all along for the ride! You (with your dad’s help, of course) have made some truly spectacular changes to your home and it’s truly lovely!

    Wishing you all the best in 2015!

    🙂 Linda

  28. the porch is amazing! thanks for hosting.

  29. Rhoda, I found your blog last summer while searching for ideas on how to deal with my basement stairs. Thank you for all the great ideas & for including your lovely family so that we can get to know them. God bless you & them & may this next year be your best yet!

  30. Rhoda your home is amazing, I only wish I had accomplished half as much. Thanks for hosting and Happy New Year!

  31. Rhoda,
    Thanks for all you’ve done in this past year, connecting, inspiring and leading bloggers everywhere. Cheers to 2015 – I’m already looking forward to looking back. Your year was amazingly productive with beautiful results!

  32. Love everything you have accomplished but my heart is on the beautiful baby! Happy New YEar. XO

  33. Rhoda,

    Love the Portico! I am hoping to add one to my home, later in the New Year. Baby Parker looks like a little angel. Hope you have an amazing 2015.


  34. Even though your blog shares are really awesome and I await each one…it’s been so much more fun watching Parker as she grows. I am having a little granddaughter in April, so my 2015 projects will be geared towards her I am sure. Thanks for sharing and now I want a lake house. Can’t wait to see it done!

  35. Thanks, Rhoda, for offering your party in the middle of the holidays. It’s a nice return to normalcy to see such creative ideas. You’ve certainly had a wonderfully productive year based on your photos.

  36. Thanks for hosting, Rhoda! Happy New Year!…hugs…Debbie

  37. I remember when you were first “starting” to make over your home…and now it is truly a beautiful “home” indeed! Congratulations on all of your professional and personal joys in 2014, and here’s to an awesome and creative 2015!

  38. What a great 2014, Rhoda!! I have to say that the renovations of your exterior is extraordinary! Talk about curb appeal!! I look forward to seeing what you have up our sleeve for 2015. All the best for a blessed and prosperous New Year!!

  39. Happy New Year Rhoda!! Thanks so much for hosting! So much fun to see everyone’s top posts!

  40. Rhoda, you and your dad never cease to amaze me in your projects! I am so proud of you both, and I wish I had a tenth of the energy and drive you do. Congratulations on making your house a real home and for following the Lord’s leading. God is so good, and it is always good to have Christian friends who shine the light of love and exercise their God-given talents for all to see and to honor Him.

    I wanted to drop by and wish you a very blessed 2015. I hope it is filled to capacity with all the good things your heart can hold. We have been blog friends for many years, and some day, I would love to meet you in person. Maybe that will happen in 2015. I feel that I have known you for years in my heart.

    Love you,

    Sheila xoxoxox

    • P.S. I hope you see this! I probably should have put it on a newer post? xoxox

    • Hi, Sheila, oh how sweet! Thank you for stopping by to tell me that. We do go way back in blog years and it’s been a pleasure to get to know you too. I would love to meet you in person as well. Maybe that will happen. You are a sweet Christian sister and I adore you. Happy New Year to you too, sweet Sheila! xoxo


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