House Renovation: Before and After Photos

This was a fun post to put together and recap!  I loved looking back.

I mentioned recently that it’s been 2 years since I moved into my new/old house.  It’s been quite the 2 year journey, after getting settled in and past all the renovating we did in 6 months.  I moved in as soon as I could, but there were still plenty of projects left to do and still a few more I’m going to complete next year.

But, overall it is really amazing to see where the house started and where it is now, so I thought I’d do a recap post showing all my house renovation Before and After photos.  I haven’t done that yet and that’s always fun to see, right?  I love a good Before and After story and it’s quite impressive seeing it all in one post.

my house before

Exterior before.  I wrote a whole post about the house hunting process and when I go back to read it, it makes me excited all over again.  Boy, did we have a long journey ahead of us.  Here’s the post after we closed on the house.  I love going back and reading these posts and reliving it all over again.  God surely had this house picked out for me, no doubt about it!

house after

And new recent AFTER.  I am still so thrilled with my house and how far it’s come.


The new retaining wall that just went in this Fall.

Front Porch Before

The sad and pitiful front porch and entry way.  It was in dire need of help!


The new portico is my favorite exterior change by far.  This was built almost a year ago and with the addition of the paint and lighting, it is definitely a WOW factor now for my curb appeal.


Entry foyer Before.


AFTER:  Front door painted Annie Sloan Florence.



First day of taking Before pics right after we got the house.  Notice the door in that corner, which was the first thing taken out.  It went into the kitchen, but I didn’t need 2 entries into the kitchen.  I needed room for more cabinets in there, so we blocked that door off.  Best decision ever!

living room

The living room and the same corner as it looks now.  I’ve come a LONG way baby!


We can’t forget the Before shot of the fireplace, it’s a wall of rustic rock, screaming Hi, I’m from the 70’s!


Now after getting a new rustic mantel and adding white planks above, it’s a fireplace I can be proud of.


BEFORE:  Living room


In progress shot.

lr stairs

After:  Stairs

lr view from upstairs

AFTER: living room


Stairs Before and After.  That post shows how we did this step.


The stairs turned out just the way I hoped they would with the runner installed!


The dining room Before was just a boring little space, but I knew that it could look so much better.  The addition of the board and batten was one of the best things I did for this room.  My dad and I had so many projects like this to work on and I’m so glad we took the time to do it and didn’t just paint the room.


This dining room is another space that I’m so, so happy and proud of.




The kitchen was a gut job, there was no way around it.  I was happy to get the old roach infested cabinets out of there and deciding on Ikea cabinets was a no-brainer for me.  They were affordable and stylish and I have no regrets about my Ikea cabinet choice to this day.

kitchen sink wall

I had an installer install the cabinets, but my dad and I did the backsplash and it turned out amazing.

sink and faucet

I still adore my kitchen every single day and am so grateful to have it. I did a whole post about the cost breakdown of my Ikea kitchen if you want more info.


This view shows the old door from the living room and how much I gained by closing it off.

Kitchen full shot

Those lower drawers are so nice to have and I would choose them all over again.


My rustic open shelves are a highlight in the kitchen.  Adore them!


Another Before shot shows how dated this 1979 kitchen really was.  It was a pleasure to rip out the old pine cabinets.  Some of them I gave away, but the insides were particle board and they were falling apart.

pantry side

Adding a pantry was such a huge thing too and this tall one from Ikea holds everything.


A peek into the dining room.


And a current shot from my Thanksgiving table.


The guest room in its Before state.  The upstairs had all stained berber carpet in all the bedrooms, which we promptly tore out. I had a few walls of wallpaper to remove too, but luckily it wasn’t too bad.


The After guest room is where my roommate, Rhonda, lives with cute Cody.


Office Before

My office space (which was a bedroom).  I took the smallest bedroom for my office and turned it into a fun space.

green office

Much better now!  This green office got a revamp too and this post shows it all.

aqua file cabinet

office chair

office white bookshelf paint

Office in its current state.

Office Before2

The Before closet space.  Nice and big.

office expedit unit

I decided to leave the closet doors off and keep it open, adding the Ikea Expedit in there for storage.


My master bedroom, Before.  Love the windows, but that’s about all.


Master bedroom After. The one good thing it had going was it’s a pretty large size.  Plenty of space for all my furniture.


Stained carpet and that 70’s extra sink they were doing back then.  I said buh-bye to the sink.


I tore out the old tile in the alcove space and ran the hardwoods all the way into the closet.  Best decision on that too!  Love that my antique vanity fits in this little alcove so well.  Perfect for makeup!


Plenty of room too for my chair and ottoman.  I wish I could say it stays this clean all the time, but sadly it does not.  It’s always been a magnet for stuff.

master bath before

More ugly wallpaper in the masterbath to take down.


I opted not to gut my bathrooms (yet, anyway, but it still may happen!) and painted the vanities.  This little master bath is a one butt bathroom, but it’s cozy and works for me.


My shabby cabinet adds some rustic charm to the space.

Guest Bath Before

The guestbath had decent floor tile, so I’ve left it alone for now too.  It just needed some pizazz to help it out.

guest bath after

The guest bath got a painted vanity, countertop transformation, and beadboard wallpaper and molding to add some charm in the space.  Mission accomplished!


I’ve recently shared the After pics of this space finally and you’ll remember how dismal it was at first.

Den new drapes

This downstairs den is nice and roomy and holds all my furniture without feeling cramped.


Looking back towards the stairs to the living room, in process of the paneling being painted.  We also installed new ceiling tiles to freshen up this room.

den seating

With the addition of the Billy bookshelves (see Part 1,  Part 2, and Part 3)  earlier this year and a newly covered recliner, this space is cozy and warm now.

ballard designs chair

Another look at the Billy bookcases all built in with the sitting area.   I’m so pleased with how this came out.


My real nemesis in this house was the laundry room, which is right off the den space.  I really almost cried when I saw this space. It was so ugly and dreary and I just couldn’t imagine doing laundry in here.  But, I had a vision to make it pretty and one step at a time, we created that vision and made it come to life.


I’m so thrilled with this finished laundry room space now and it just might be the most dramatic Before and After in the house.  I always show people the Before pics when they come to my house.  I want them to know what I started with and how far it has come.

I started by having a painter spray the ceiling black.  Huge difference right off the bat!  I then striped the floor, trimmed out and painted the walls, and added the sink and countertop.


The other end of the laundry room.  This is one long space and very roomy, so I was grateful to have it for extra storage too.  It was already stubbed for a toilet and sink, so that was on the list too to add and I’m so glad I did.


A wall was added on that end and I have Christmas storage and a toilet behind the green door.  The addition of the sink cabinet in here has been wonderful too.  I wish I could say it’s this clean and uncluttered right now, but it’s not!  I have a lot of decluttering to do this Winter in my garage and then I’ll shift things around.  It takes time, doesn’t it?!


One of the rooms I was jumping up and down in joy over was the screened porch. Even though it was an ugly shell of a porch and there was nothing pretty about it, I knew my dad and I could fix it up and we did!

screened porch 009_20150515

screen porch 004_20150504

This screened porch space was finished after I moved in and was one of the first projects we tackled in the spring of 2013.  I have enjoyed it for 2 seasons now and will continue to do so. It’s like having an extra room in the house.  Love it!  Painting the squares on the floor really took it up a notch.


Another Before shot of the outside of the house when we first got it, dad checking it all out.  Again, you can see how bad this porch was with rotting trim boards, torn out screens, and sitting on legs with nothing underneath. Structurally, it was sound, so that was a good thing.  Those new steps were built by the bank’s handyman and they were pathetic.  You had to take baby steps going up and down them, very uncomfortable.

back porch exterior

But, my dad came through once again on this project and after we finished the porch, we got on this outdoor stair area, having it turn and go down instead of the original way.  We added a little platform for my grill, which was a brilliant idea too.

exterior back of house

That little porch roof was another one of the first projects my dad did.  It really enhances the back door so much and after the paint job in April, it all looks great back here now.  I do have some fun ideas floating around in my head about a flagstone or brick patio from the back door over to the back steps, adding a pergola and firepit and seating.  Can you see that too?   Maybe one day!

backyard view of house

And here’s a final shot of the back of the house, with lattice added.  The paint job and adding the lattice really finished off the back of my house and I’m so proud to call it home.

If you want to see all my House Renovation posts you can go there and look at the entire process.  My entire house tour is posted too.

You all have been such wonderful encouragers to me as I’ve gone on this house journey.  Even though most of my big projects are completed, I’ll still have lots to share, so thank you for hanging out with me all these years, especially the last 2 and 1/2 as we renovated the house and I got moved in.

I still am amazed at how far I’ve come in just 3 short years.  When I wrote this post 3 years ago, Life is Not a Magazine Cover (the comments on that post still make me teary-eyed), I was just trying to survive at that point and had no idea that a house was in my immediate future just 4 months later.  Little did I know all the blessings that were in store for me the last couple of years.  God has been so gracious to me and grown my blog business, helping me to get this house mostly finished.  I’m so so grateful to have my modest house that is so ME and so comfortable for living.  Each step of this journey has been so rewarding, watching my ugly duckling house turn into a beautiful swan.

Thank you all again for all your support and encouragement to me over the years.  It truly means the world to me.  You all don’t comment as much anymore (I know, we are all too busy!), but I know you are out there and I thank you for that.  Thank you for being interested in me, my family and my house!

I’m looking forward to what the new year brings. Every year has just gotten better and better.  I’m still out there dating, haven’t found my Prince Charming yet.   It’s not easy dating in your 50’s (maybe I should blog about that, but don’t count on it??) 🙂 , but with what I went through the last few years, I sure won’t rush the process.  Life is good and I have no complaints.  God has truly given me SO much to be grateful for and I am!


- Rhoda


  1. Rhoda, Thanks for sharing your journey. You always make everything looks easy! I have been following since you moved into the house and have been inspired to do some of my own projects. I look forward to see next years projects.

  2. Karen Davis says:

    Hey Rhoda! I have followed you for quite awhile and enjoy your blog so much. When I first saw the house you recently bought, I have to be honest, I thought “poor Rhoda, there is no way that could ever look pretty!” And wow you have made it lovely!! I am also in my 50’s and I would love to see you write on dating, (I don’t date, don’t ever meet anybody single I am interested in, I will just leave that to God) and I would also love it if you would explain in your blog, how to get started and make money some day. Thanks in advance! Sincerely, Karen

  3. Carolyn Ericson says:

    Hi Rhoda,
    You and your Daddy make a great team. Your Home is beautiful due to your finite vision and skills you may not have known you had. We never know what we are capable of until we are plunged into a difficult place. Another Blessing might be the togetherness and time that you have had with your Father.
    I have enjoyed following your Blog and am amazed that you just come up with the plan and get on with executing it. Way to go!
    Carolyn from NC

  4. Hi Rhoda. Your blog was one of the first I discovered many years ago and I’m still following you. I am just amazed at how you and your little Daddy made this house so beautiful. I’m so proud to hear the happiness in your words and that you give God the glory for where you are today! He knows where we’re headed and it’s up to us to make the right decisions. I’m so happy for you and I have loved loved seeing the remaking of your house – it’s beautiful and you are too – inside and out.
    Shelia 😉

  5. I have been following you for the last 6 months or so…you are such an inspiration, a just get going and get it done kind of a women. I grew up mostly in Smyrna, migrated to Oregon, but still feel my southern roots firmly in that ground all around Cobb and Fulton counties. Best to you; thank you for all you share…and I absolutely adore your Dad and Mom…Blessings to you….

  6. Rhoda, I never get tired of looking at your beautiful home. I love all the color inside and the colorful flowers outside. You are truly a talented lady. I think you should write a book giving all of us instructions and help in decorating our own homes.

  7. Simply beautiful home and so special because you and your Daddy rebuilt it together. You still have a devoted follower in Bham. 🙂

  8. I follow your blog…. quietly. I enjoy all of your ideas about your home, family and life. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  9. I’ve been following your blog for a few months, and have really enjoyed seeing what you and your daddy have done to your house. I have never seen how it all looked when you first found the house until today. Goodness you sure have come a long way! I also live in GA, and our home is also a foreclosure that we bought in 2009. We’ve been fixing and changing things since moving in, and seeing your progress makes know that the work will be worth it in the end.

  10. Wow!!! I’ve been following along with all the projects, but seeing the before and afters all together really shows what a spectacular job you’ve done! It’s such a lovely home and I’m so happy for you!

  11. Rhoda,

    What a testimony to God having bigger and better in store for us! Your story is such an inspiration to us all, and what a blessing your parents have been to you and us all showing their love and support in all aspects. Your home and story are both beautiful, and so proud for you and your incredible blog and biz.


  12. Just wanted to say, I have followed your whole journey with this house…..truly truly inspirational about what perseverance and a lot of elbow grease will accomplish. I might add, that being able to comment on the blog is a little different now….the comments section used to easily appear at the end of your blog. Now one has to click on “comments” to get to the same place for leaving a comment. Not that that is hard, but just perhaps an explanation as to why you aren’t getting as many comments. Just an idea. Hope this helps (or maybe I’m just missing seeing the place?). Toni

  13. Patty Lucas says:

    Rhoda your home is beautiful. I love to look at all the aspects of the rooms you design. I love the layered look. It makes the room look like I could just walk in and feel at home – I love that. I have yet to achieve that but I keep on trying!

  14. Rhoda – I found you just after you moved into that house of yours. You like the colours I like, you have brilliant money-saving ideas, you get on with your life and you are not a complainer – Respect for that my dear. Your house is a home now, and of course you have stuff all over which does not appear in the pics – like the rest of us!! Best wishes from over the pond – for another year of great blogging from you.

  15. You (and your dad) deserve a round of applause. It is fabulous!

  16. Oh Rhoda, good gravy, this is so so wonderful! So much to be thankful for and so wonderful you have your dad to work alongside you. It is just such a wonderful home – I love every detail, every room, the entire package! And I did not know you had a roommate! Rhonda – boy, I bet people get your names mixed up a lot!
    Sit back relax and for such a wonderful abode – all on your own! The rest will fall into place as it should, when it should (but you already knew that, I bet, didn’t you?).

  17. Lisa Rickey says:

    Hi, Rhoda- I’m your roommate Rhonda’s sister. I really enjoyed this before and after blog post. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Rhoda,
    You are living proof that the joy truly is in the journey. Bless you that you share your daily walk with all of us. 🙂

  19. Stunning transformation, Rhoda! You have created such a warm and beautiful home… that place was made for you! Thanks for the awesome tour!

  20. Your home renovation is one of my very favorites in Blogland – an ordinary 70’s home turned into a beauty!

  21. Glenda Niederhofer says:

    Still here! And no, I don’t always comment, but follow you faithfully. You are one of my favorite bloggers. Love what you have done with your home and I feel like I know your family. Happy Thanksgiving!

  22. WOW! WOW! WOW! Go, Rhoda! Your house is gorgeous and not the least bit “modest”. I always follow your projects very closely and I am now AMAZED at all you have accomplished in a couple of short years. And, most of it was accomplished by you and your very talented (and cute) dad. You two are the dynamic duo. Love your home and your blog. The best. Keep up the great work. You are awesome and a total inspiration. May you have much continued success in your life. I look forward to following your adventures. Take care, Jill

  23. Courtney Jordan says:

    I have followed your blog for years and am so inspired by your grace and style! I think you would love the book “Far Outside the Ordinary”! It so reminds me of your story.
    Congratulations on your beautiful home.

  24. Rhoda your home looks AMAZING I always love seeing the before and afters! I missed your mantel post…love love love the white planks!!

  25. I enjoyed today’s blog. Your father is the biggest blessing in your life. Ha ing a home of your own is next. Having someone to share with is wonderful, but as you know now, not entirely necessary. Make friends, do what you like and enjoy your life. The rest will come if it’s meant to. Keep up your blog please.I so enjoy it. Your home is charming.

  26. What a great trip down memory lane. You have done amazing work and I am sure you enjoy seeing the before and after pictures as much as we do.


  27. Enjoyed looking back at your journey. I discovered your blog when I had a broken femur in the winter of 2009. Couldn’t do anything for 6 weeks but read blogs! The Lord has blessed you because you have been faithful during the trials of life. I live in Baton Rouge; so I see your niece on her commercials. Looks like you are having a fun time with her. Keep those entries coming!

  28. I love your house! I know all about buying a fixer upper I bought my first house Jan 27th this year 43,000.00 (now that’s cheap!) 2 streets from the beach. It was and still is a total fixer upper. Doesn’t look anything as nice as yours, Maybe one day. I have put on new siding and trim had new steps put on the front, painted every room took up carpet in the laundry room/office painted all the kitchen cabinets. I Still have so much more to do, I don’t know if they will ever get done, But she is cozy and she’s all mine;
    Thank you very much for showing us your house!

  29. Rhoda, I’ve followed your blog for years and I admire your perseverance and strength. I’ve especially enjoyed all your renovations posts! You and your Dad and Mom have made an amazing transformation to this house. It is truly a beautiful home now!

  30. Just want to say that your blog has been such an inspiration. Yes, for the decorating and DIY tips, but more for the perseverance that you have shown through trials and tests. The Lord has surely shined his face upon you! Thank you for opening up your life to your readers!

  31. Rhoda, it’s so inspiring to see how far you have come with the house and your life. God is so good. 🙂

  32. Amen sista!

  33. Such a lovely home! You and your dad have done an amazing job. I started following you just as you were beginning the renovation. I truly have enjoyed following your progress and seeing, hearing about your precious family. You truly are blessed. You have an awesome attitude and so much talent! Congrats on completing a daunting task.

  34. Just WOW! You got so much done in 2 years, very impressive!

  35. You must have the ability to see in the future. I can’t believe they originally used that much dark wood on the inside. And wallpaper?? UGH!! You’ve done a wonderful job of making it into a beautiful home. It looks warm, inviting and comfortable. Your dad is a real jewel!

  36. Enjoyed this Before/After round-up… Wondering how you’ve enjoyed your choice of green in the kitchen and office as we’re about to paint several rooms, in greens–including our kitchen. An interesting follow up, on a renovation this big, would be what you would have done differently. The work you and your dad have accomplished on the house is really amazing–almost as amazing as the transformation of your life.

    • HI, Susan, I do still love my green choices. My office gets less light and I may go back and lighten 3 of the green walls a bit, still staying in the same color family. I would like to lighten that space up a bit cause it doesn’t get a lot of natural light. And I just might paint some of the furniture white too to help with that factor. Stay tuned! But, I do love green so still happy with the colors.

  37. You should be SO proud of yourself!! You have done so much hard work and your home looks amazing! I love a happy ending 🙂

  38. It is always fun to see how far you have come! Your home is truly a warm, loving home. Now make it personal with your fashion tips and dating tales!

  39. Rhoda, you have come a long way with this home! You and your family have put in countless hours and transformed this house into a jewel! Every inch is amazing! Your vision is awesome! I have enjoyed following along on your journey! I love the new landscaping! I’m about to do the same thing on the duplex I’m renovating. Thanks for the inspiration!

  40. You have done a beautiful job on your renovations. You dad is amazing! I’m so glad that you have a job that makes you happy and successful too. My 2 daughters also have had a devastating midlife. My older daughter wound up moving in with us with her whole family for 6 months. Families are a blessing and I firmly believe The Lord expects us to help all we can. My younger daughter recently divorced. She has 2 teenagers and if she needs to move in with us we’re ready. Your blog was the first I was introduced to and it has led to my reading many others. One of the best things I enjoy is how so many express their faith. I feel like I have made many many new Christian friends.

  41. So, so, so, so, so beautiful! Love the kitchen the most I think…adore the white and the shelving especially. The footboard in the guest room is gorgeous…wish I could see more of it! Is Cody really that color?? He looks like he got in the way while dying Easter eggs! He’s PINK! LOL!

    I am sad to see you did not include the black doors and the hallways renovation pics!! You are the reason that I have black doors now! 🙂

    Have a great day! It’s SNOWING here in NY and I am NOT pleased.

    • Thank you, Kate, I was trying to keep it short and not feature every project, but I love my dark brown doors too. So glad I did that and happy you tried it as well! Cody has some champagne color in his coat, but he’s not really pink.

  42. I am another of your usually quiet followers, but I have enjoyed watching the transformation take place in your home. Thank you for sharing.

  43. You have worked miracles on your cozy house. Everything is so pretty!
    God Bless you and your dad!

  44. Rhoda, don’t thank us, because it has been a fascinating and encouraging journey to watch you take. And even though I have loved seeing the house become so beautiful, what I have REALLY loved and enjoyed seeing is how God can take a life that has a lot of broken pieces- like yours……and like mine, and like ALL of our lives- and make great beauty come from the ashes. Your house and your story kind of illustrate the Gospel perfectly: that God can and does redeem that which is broken, and restore it and bring happiness, joy and new life. Keep blogging. It’s an encouragement to me, and to the many who read here. And, yes, I would love for you to share your dating and relationship experiences, because it’s going to be fascinating watching God work in that arena, too! God bless. Have a wonderful week, We’re quickly settling into frigid and cold winter temps here in Illinois- it was 9 degrees when I got up this morning here in Central Illinois. Brrr!! 🙂

  45. You have one hell of an imagination to look at what your house was and “see” what it could be. I started reading your blog after you’d already done a lot of work so I appreciate seeing what you started with. You KNOW you did a fantastic job, rather a whole series of jobs.
    Color me impressed!

  46. What a transformation to such a beautiful and cozy home! Love your blog!

  47. I read your blog everyday. I love reading about you and your daddy doing projects together. You are so generous to feature other bloggers. Keep the faith!

  48. Rhoda, looking at all the before and afters all at once, its just STUNNING!! You have done an amazing job and everything is just beautiful!

  49. Your home is beautiful. You have come such a long way. Your parents are so special. What a gift they are to you. Can’t wait to see what you are up to next. It’s been a pleasure following your blog.

  50. Wow! Love seeing the before & after shots of house renovation! You are quite the DIY girl and your sweet daddy is such a blessing to you I know as you are to him! Yes, you truly have so much to be thankful for! God has blessed your efforts to work hard and press on even when life was extremely difficult! Your faith is an inspiration to all who know and love you! Happy Thanksgiving, friend! Love you, Vic

  51. I am one of your newer followers, Rhoda, I must say that your blog is my favorite. Your home is lovely. My husband and I are renovating our home which will put up on the market next spring. Seeing how your Dad is able to be involved with your house is encouraging to us as we are seniors also. I especially like how you tackled your basement and made it into a lovely area. We have wood paneling too and I am going to paint it comfort gray as you did. Thanks also for your testimony for the Lord. After all, he is the One who counts and gives us these blessings we enjoy. Many blessings to you and your family.

  52. Rhoda, You have done an amazing job transforming your home. Your dad seems to be such a sweetie and both of you should be so proud of the work you have done.

  53. The “afters” are simply amazing!….

  54. Sharon Roberts says:

    Wonderful job! I don’t know that I would have had the vision to see what that sad house could be. You should really be proud. You not only built a new life for yourself, but you’ve given the house a new, happy life.

  55. I don’t want to get too philosophical here, but Rhoda, your biggest DIY project is YOU! And your life transformation is truly inspiring to me and I am sure so many others!

  56. Rhoda,
    I love reading your blog and seeing all the wonderful things you (and your Daddy) have done. Your home is lovely, comfortable and … beautiful! I think it must be a lot like you, the person who created it. You are so inspiring. You are also so blessed.
    Yes, there are those of us who just read and don’t comment. Please know we are here. We support you and pray for you. Thank you for sharing your life and home with us. Keep posting!
    Lots of Love, Gail

  57. Rhoda–if houses have feelings…..
    -before Rhoda, sad and frumpy.
    -after Rhoda, totally struttin’ it’s stuff like the belle of the ball!
    You should feel so inCREDibly proud of yourself for this achievement and know there’s nothing you can’t do when you set your mind to it!

  58. I have been following your Blog for about a year & am one of those who have never commented. When you mentioned you aren’t getting as many comments, I decided to let you know how much I do enjoy your blog. You have made a good life for yourself in your new home & with all of your travels. I will continue to follow & look forward to seeing the addition of the new windows.

  59. Your house is amazing. I love seeing the before pictures and seeing what you and your Dad have accomplished. You are such an inspiration to this California lady! Thank you.

    • Rhoda, once again you posted a wonderful story on your home improvement journey. But more importantly, you have shared your inner spirit, grace and zest for life with your followers. Thank you for your openness about your life and for sharing your lovely home with us. Your blog serves as a reminder that unexpected blessings come in all kinds of packages. Continued joy and favor to you…

  60. Amazing. I’ve followed this massive undertaking from near day one. Such a labor of love, with your Mom and Dad beside you every step of the way. Your ingenuity and determination have paid off beautifully.

  61. It’s as if you AND your house had a second chance… so happy for you and amazed by the transformation you achieved in your home. Hope to see you soon ~ xo Heidi

  62. Rhoda, I have loved keeping up with your renovating and decorating your home. You always amaze me what you do next, like the wall in the yard. I have always wondered how you knew what to do first when started renovating. That would have been a big problem for me. Starting in the dining room worked.
    You do good work!!

  63. And another thing I guess I really admire you, I now wear Cajun Shrimp nail polish, I got some shell earrings and the necklace(similar) that you have on twitter and I had me some black toile drapes made for my bedroom like yours.

  64. Diane Amick says:

    Hi Rhoda,

    I’ve been with you since right before you returned to your roots in Marietta, GA. Quite the journey you’ve had lady. I’m so thrilled for you and your lovely family. Your home is just beautiful and shows that you can make something from nothing. I’ll admit that when I first saw your new house I was skeptical, but you’ve made it into a beautiful and comfortable home so quickly. Just love all of your projects and choices. I also love that you attribute all of this journey to your faith in God – lots of miracles happening here and I’m so happy for you. You truly are an inspiration for all of us. Keep going – can’t wait to see what you’re doing next!

  65. Rhoda, I started reading your blog years ago when you were working part time at some office, I think. I’ve sure enjoyed reading all these years. You and your dad have truly turned an ugly duckling house into a swan. It’s so neat to me that you saw the potential there and made it happen.

  66. Rebecca Drake says:

    I started following you just as you were buying the house. You are such an inspiration to us DIYers. Thanks for sharing this. I really wonder what your neighbors say. They must be thrilled you bought this poor house. Do they comment much to you about the changes?
    Thanks for sharing your life!!

    • HI, Rebecca, when I finally got the house painted and the landscaping in, some of them did stop by while we were outside. My roommate sees some of them more than I do because she walks her dog a lot. My next door neighbors on either side are very complimentary on the house and I did get a comment from someone in my neighborhood who says she has watched the transformation and is inspired to do more to her house. That made me happy!

  67. Rhoda, when I saw your email pop up, I looked at the picture and did NOT recognize it as YOUR HOUSE. I still have that original pic in my mind, and I have to admit, I did a little “fly-catching” (mouth open) before I caught myself. You continue to amaze and inspire me. Thanks for the post, I am going to scrutinize every pic now. Hearts & Hugs to you!!


  68. Where did you get your woven shades?

    • Hi, Jan, those are from Payless Decor, an online shop I have worked with in the past. Most of my shades are called Tibet in their Premium line. I love them!

  69. HI Rhoda…I have been a long time reader and just a part time commenter :), but love the work you and your daddy and momma have done. You have much to be proud of, the house is so warm and personable. Keep up the great job, and btw, I would love to see your ‘Fashion over 50’ posts…if you are still looking for input on that! 🙂

  70. Wow! Beautiful job!

  71. This is absolutely incredible! You have quite a way with decorating.

  72. Leslie Sinclair says:

    You have done such a wonderful job on your home – it looks incredible!! Well done!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

  73. Patty Taylor says:

    I’ve been visiting your blog since you were living in Birmingham, but this is my first comment. I check nearly every day for new posts. I love photos of your gorgeous home and your family, especially your parents and your little great niece. You have certainly been blessed.

  74. Wow Rhoda! That is a great reminder of all the work you and your family have done to get this house to become your home. It’s just lovely.
    Two questions:
    1. Would you do the beadboard wallpaper again? How is it holding up?
    2. What would you choose for a back splash today? Would it still be subway tile?
    I’ve been following you since we lived in Seattle…two years ago. What an inspiring person you are!

    • Hi, Cheryl Ann, Yes I would do beadboard wallpaper all over again, it’s holding up just fine. No problems at all. and I would do subway tile all over again too. I really don’t have any regrets on my choices in the house so far.

      • One quick note Rhoda. Last December I broke my shoulder falling from a step stool. I was in my closet organizing (Pinterest idea) and fell backwards from the 2nd step. It was brutal and has taken the good Lord, surgery & many months to recover. Noticed one in your kitchen and am hoping you do not stand on it…these things happen so quickly. I should have gone & got the safer folding step stool, but I was in a “hurry”. Feel free to use my experience to keep safer with all your beautiful projects. Blessings

  75. Congratulations on two years post renovation! I enjoyed reading about your home as you and your dad worked to breathe new life in it. I think you need something else to renovate or decorate to charge up the blog. I know you plan to take us along on the building of your friend’s lake house, so maybe that will do it. I know that I don’t enjoy reading or checking in as much when the blog focuses more on travel pictures, photo logs of other people’s homes, stores you visit or sponsored posts. Lots of sponsored posts lately and those don’t resonate with me. I’m not suggesting you tear up your home to redo something just for blog content — enjoy your space! But you might reflect on how you can get back to more of that kind of thing — designing, decorating and refurbishing — in your blog.

  76. Rhoda I love everything you do – you are my go to blog when I need some inspiration! Thank you for doing what you do and sharing so much with all of us!

  77. I love how you transformed something tired and dated into something fresh and uplifting.

  78. Cathy Roberts says:

    Love this post! The before and afters are amazing! Has your house been featured in any magazines? If not it should be! Thanks for sharing and continuing to blog about your adventures in decorating and traveling.

  79. Rhoda – You are a blessing and an inspiration as to what God can do in our lives no matter the circumstances. Your home is beautiful and it shows what hard work can accomplish. Continued blessings to you and your precious momma and daddy!

  80. Rhoda, I’m still here! I am so blown away with what you’ve been able to accomplish. I’ve been reading your blog for years and never comment so now’s the time! I am beginning my ‘Life is Not a Magazine Cover’ story and you give me so much hope for the future. Bless you for sharing your talents, openness to share your everyday life and family and your down to earth approach.

  81. Following in your footsteps…
    Love everything you’ve done to your house. Isn’t fun to look back? I’m actually quite happy that cold weather is finally going to force me indoors so I can tackle some new projects myself! ~Julie

  82. I don’t leave a comment very often but I certainly have eagerly followed your posts. I’ve especially enjoyed reading about the changes you made to your house. It’s beautiful!
    I also love reading about your parents. They are precious! You are so blessed to still have them.
    Blessings to you today, Rhoda!

  83. Rhoda, I have been a faithful reader since before you moved from Birmingham. I rarely comment, but much say, you are an awesome woman! Your home is a visual example of what God can do with our lives, the ugly is turned to beauty, broken hearts are healed and the humble are lifted up. Thank you for sharing your incredible journey. Your mom and dad are wonderful and your dad is amazing. There is no stopping them. I’m sure they are where you get your work ethic.

    I’m constantly telling my husband about your projects, now I have a journal to present to him so he can see how you have turned a pig’s ear in to a silk purse. You are an inspiration.

    P.S. I’m a native of Atlanta and love the posts of places around town. My mom grew up in East Cobb County, in fact, I remember when Piedmont Road (the one in Marietta) was a two-lane, dirt road. I guess that makes me old as dirt.

  84. Marie Claire says:

    I started to read your blog every day back when you were in your old house, and Layla from TheLetteredCottage linked to your blog. I think it was either a post about how you re-did your steps, or how you wallpapered the end of a kitchen cabinet with the wallpaper that looks like bead board. I’m amazed at how much you’ve done to your current home in such a short time. Good job!

    I don’t comment much because I don’t know what to say in response to an infomercial-like post, but I do enjoy the projects you post now and then. The back porch and steps were especially inspiring.

  85. Rhoda I have been following your blog for YEARS since we were all painting oil rubbed bronze on everything! Your home is amazing and I love to see your dad in there helping! You are an inspiration!

  86. Dearest Rhoda,

    Following along on this journey of yours has been so very sweet. I’ve known you for a long time now, and I’ve always thought highly of you…but I can honestly say that I appreciate you more now than ever before. I am sorry that you’ve had to suffer, but I am so glad and grateful for all the ways that God has provided for you through that suffering, and I am grateful for the even stronger witness you have now than before. You were always faithful and always gave God glory, but what a song you have to sing now! Reading this post and re-reading your post about life’s not being a magazine cover made me burst into “Great Is Thy Faithfulness”! Thank you, sweet friend, for being a beautiful light in the blogging world. I thank God for you!!

  87. Hi Rhoda,
    Can you share the brand and color name of the green paint you used in your office?

  88. It’s amazing and wonderful what faith, and prayers, and hard work can accomplish! I started reading your blog a few months before you bought this house and I followed every post and change; it was inspirational to watch each room evolve and become beautiful and cosy. I especially enjoyed this post and seeing all the before and after photos together. Thank you so much for sharing your journey.

  89. Rhonda,

    I have followed your blog for a number of years now. Gosh, how I’ve enjoyed your journey in finding your house and then the wonderful job you’ve done in making it your own home! I especially enjoyed your teammate “Dad”! Your home is really a wonderful example of what a determined, creative woman can do.
    Thank you so much for sharing your adventure. I will be reading your blog to see what is next!

  90. Rhoda
    I have followed your blog for several years. What a journey. I am so happy for you.
    Thank you for sharing all this with your readers. I especially loved the blog posts that featured your parents. Your dad!!! BLESS HIS HEART!!! And your mom, BLESS HER TOO. SUCH SWEETHEARTS! So thankful for you that you still have them around.

    I pray that God will continue to bless you and your family

  91. Rosie from Raymore says:

    I know how proud you must be of your home, it’s gorgeous. I’ve followed you through the whole process and enjoyed it thoroughly, but boy, it sure made me tired to see how hard Dad was working! As I’m also a senior, I wondered many times if he actually is Superman!
    Tell him and Mom, and the whole family, how we enjoy them too.

  92. Rosie from Raymore says:

    I just went back and read the other comments, such fun seeing how impressed so many of us are of your Dad. I’m an only child and also had a wonderful Daddy and Momma.
    You enjoy yours with every minute, it gets sort of lonely after they go before us.

  93. Rhonda,
    What a pleasure ! I have not been following you, but feel as if I had, now that I have seen all of your hard work ! I stumbled on to your blog, quite by accident during my morning, pinning/coffee time. Wonderful to see some one make such a transformation from the “Average home rather than starting with the unreachable… for the average person !” Thank you for that….. we have downsized, and are making a move soon, and will be thrilled to do the same following some of your ideas! again …. thanks for the inspiration…. I am hooked !

  94. Hello!
    I found your blog through Pinterest today, it’s lovely. It’s a pleasure to read another sister in Christ’s tips and wisdom :).

    Your house turned out wonderful, you guys did such a good job!

    I was wondering if you could also bring more light into the basement by having a door with big windows installed for the back door. I’m not sure about the safety factor though. We also have a basement that needs more light, I’m dreaming of installing more windows and painting the 70’s fake wood paneling!

    Happy New Year, take care!

  95. My dad is just like yours….a wonderful man to have around and can and will do anything for me! Your house is really unique and beautiful! Give your dad a kiss for me.

  96. This was my first time to your blog. I am really enjoying it. I really love what you have done with your house!!! You are definitely an inspiration to me!

  97. I have just found your blog and absolutely love what you and your Dad have done with this house! It’s truly amazing and I love it! I’ll be sure and check in often so as not to miss anymore of your wonderful ideas!

  98. This was my first visit to your blog. I found you as I was researching wood shades…. You have done an absolutely amazing job on your house. In 2010 my husband and I purchased a 1971 townhouse in Long Beach, CA…and it was in a time warp, too, so I know first hand the time, passion, blood, sweat, and tears that goes into accomplishing what you have done. You have incredible vision. Keep it up and keep inspiring the rest of us!!

    • Hi, Katrina, thank you for stopping by! So glad you love my renovation. I’m still making changes and loving it!

  99. Dyan Croushore says:

    Hi Rhoda,

    I have so enjoyed looking at your beautiful and creative spaces. Thanks for sharing them! I was wondering what kind/brand of flooring you used throughout your house. Is it solid wood? It is beautiful!

    • Hi, Dyan, thank you for stopping by! My flooring is from Shaw Floors and is Broadmoor plank engineered wood in Mocha. It has 3 sizes of planks in this line, 3, 5 & 7″ planks. I love it and it is wearing like iron. It’s engineered, so the top layer is wood, but not solid wood.

  100. Rhoda, what an inspiration your faith and your gifts are! I’ve found your FB posts only recently and didn’t know what you have been through. What a journey you’re on! Love the way your backyard is looking; have you thought about a potting table or shed, or even a she shed? ( Thanks, Daddy!) Sorry, I’m a gardener – can’t help myself! Great admiration and respect – Memri (from Sandy Springs!)

    • HI, Memri, thanks for stopping by! It’s been a 5 year journey & I’m so glad to be where I am now. I have added a backyard patio since that post was done.

  101. Rhoda~Your house is stunning! My favorite part is how you and your dad work together. What a precious relationship you both are blessed to have. You are an inspiration with all the work that you have completed in such a short time. AMAZING!!! ~Linda

  102. Wow Rhoda you have an impressive list of before and afters some I’d seen before and enjoyed again and others I missed like the whole outside of your house finished!! It all looks so different now and beautiful. Job well done.

    • Thank you, Marie! Yes it’s been a busy 3 years getting all those projects done. I’m very happy with the exterior improvements!


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