Beautiful Blooming Container Gardens!

This is a sponsored post with Monrovia plants.  Hi friends!  Last week I shared with you that I was planting my containers in the back yard and today I'm sharing the plants I used as well as an update on the beautiful Monrovia plants I added in the front yard a few weeks ago.  Monrovia is sponsoring this post and I'm happy to be working with them because you can definitely count on them to … [Read more...]

Daddy’s Garden This Year

He's been at it again.  Planting that garden of his.  This year, we all voted and decided that it was time for Daddy to quit planting his mountain garden and he finally realized he should listen to us (what choice did he have with 4 women voicing their opinions?).  His girls know best and he realizes we only want what is best for him and any man turning 90 in July should really only have one … [Read more...]

Spring Blooms and Pop In Color

This post is sponsored by Monrovia, but my love of spring blooms is all my own!Happy spring to you all!This time of year energizes me and it's definitely my favorite season of the year.  I just wish it lasted longer!  When blooms burst out on my flowering trees in the front yard, I know that Spring is here and everything will be coming alive again and bursting forth with beauty and blooms. … [Read more...]

Blooms Sent to Your Door

Most all women I know love flowers, whether they get them from someone special or pick them up while out at the grocery store. Flowers just have a soothing and healing effect and add so much color and prettiness to a room.  If you look at magazines, fresh flowers are always part of the background. They are just what a room needs for a pick me up.  In case you are like me and don't have a backyard … [Read more...]

Tools for Those Outdoor Jobs

I've now been in my house for 4 years and wow, has it changed in the last few years.  Two years ago in April, my entire front yard was landscaped and that totally changed the front of my house in so many good ways. It was once a barren landscape of nothing, with only 2 trees anchoring the front yard and nothing else along the front of the house.  Landscaping truly makes such a difference in a home … [Read more...]

Fall on the Front Porch

This post is sponsored by Tree ClassicsLast year, I partnered with Tree Classics on all things Christmas showing how I used some of their products in my home and this year, we are collaborating again for the Holiday season, starting a little early with Fall.As I've mentioned before, I don't do a ton of Fall decorating. While the rest of blogland is exploding in Fall decor all over the … [Read more...]

Southern Wedding at Roselawn Museum: Cartersville, GA

I've got a fun post to share with you today.  You've all met my dear friend, Vicki.  I've shared her on my fashion posts and it's been awhile since she has appeared on my blog, but her youngest son, Tanner, just got married and it was a fun wedding to attend.  Vicki put together a rehearsal dinner at their church fellowship hall and asked me to help her with the tables so I did and we got that all … [Read more...]

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