Our Main Paint Color: Magnolia Home Gatherings

It's sometimes hard choosing paint colors and it's really one of those things that should be taken into consideration after fabrics and other things are chosen, but sometimes it's necessary to find a main paint color and stick to it for continuity throughout the house.  When we decided to paint the walls in our house, we needed a good neutral that would go with everything and it wasn't going to be … [Read more...]

Our Newly Painted House Exterior

We had a few projects we wanted to get completed right off the bat in our new home and painting the exterior was one that was at the top of the list, along with a few other interior projects.  Mark really didn't love the existing paint color. I didn't hate it. But we both agreed that another color would totally enhance the house and make it look visually even more appealing for better curb … [Read more...]

Painted Porch Cabinet for Storage

Today, I'm sharing a project that my sister and I just completed at her house.  And this post is featuring Maison Blanche paint, one of those chalk paints that I like to use and am partnering with them on this project.  I've done a few projects with their paint and shared them with you and this is one more to inspire you to paint up an old piece of furniture.My sister and brother-in-law have a … [Read more...]

Installing Beadboard Wallpaper

If you've been reading my blog since 2009, then you've no doubt seen my love for beadboard wallpaper and all that it adds to plain homes by injecting some architectural detail where there was none.  I discovered Graham Brown beadboard wallpaper back in 2009 and have done many projects in my current and former homes with it.  It really is a great cost-saving way to add some cool wall treatments … [Read more...]

Kitchen Updates in the 1950’s Kitchen

Progress is being made at Andrea and David's house, although not as fast as they would like it to go.  I've got a little update at the kitchen and you can see how far it's come in the last month or so.  It is coming along and they are about halfway through the kitchen renovation and it's looking so much better than it did originally.Let me go back and remind you where we started with this … [Read more...]

Queen Anne Desk Paint Makeover

Today, I'm sharing another project that was completed at Andrea's house in the sunroom.  Namely, painting that Queen Anne desk and chair that was in the room.  She has oodles of Queen Anne, as I've mentioned before.  Many of you agree that this mass produced older furniture looks great updated and some of you are purists that would never paint Queen Anne.  I'm NOT a purist, so I say paint away if … [Read more...]

Magnolia Market Paint

Unless you've been living under a rock and I know none of my readers have been, no doubt you have all heard about the hit mega-show Fixer-Upper that is on HGTV, with Chip and Joanna Gaines!  It's the hottest show going, with Joanna and Chip magically making over fixer-upper homes for their clients in Waco, TX. I love watching the show and get inspired every time I see one of these makeovers.  It … [Read more...]