Painting Straight Lines on Stairs


I can be the world’s worst procrastinator sometimes.  After spending 6 months on the renovations of my house (can you believe we were hard at it 2 years ago!!), I was seriously tired when I moved in here in October 2012 and really didn’t want to pick up a paint brush again for a long time.  One of the projects that I finished in January of 2013 was installing the runners on my stairs and before I … [Read more...]

Front Yard Before and Afters!


So, today I’m back with the before and after shots of the house.  This time I’m going way back to when I first bought this house 2 years ago. Those are the true Before shots and will give a totally accurate view of what I was dealing with in the front yard.  A house that had never been landscaped or given any love at all in the front yard.  The only thing I had going for me were 2 cherry trees and … [Read more...]

Landscaping with Southern Living Plant Collection


Well folks, there have been some VERY exciting things happening around my house this past weekend.  I can’t even begin to share my feelings on how all of this even came about or happened to me, but to wake up one day and have your entire front yard landscaped by professionals.  Dream come true, people, dream come true!  I’ve never had the privilege of getting anything like this done before and it … [Read more...]

Adding a Pop of Coral in the Den


When in doubt, add a pop of color! My den is the last spot in the house that I still had things to finish up and I’ve been working on it for the last few months.  I’m having my old recliner covered right now and should be getting that back very soon, but in the meantime, I’ve been figuring out what to do with the Billy bookcase corner.  It’s so fun to see this corner finally come to life with … [Read more...]

Spraying Lattice with HomeRight and Giveaway!


Happy Mother's Day to all of you!  We are busy today celebrating my sweet mom and I'm going to do a whole post about our day together.  This year, we have that baby girl addition to our Mother's Day pics, so that is going to be fun. The last job to be done on my house painting was finishing up the back stairs and the lattice around the porch.  My dad and I had started staining it last fall when … [Read more...]

Exterior Paint Makeover!


Many of you emailed me to say you still aren't getting my blog emails, so I wanted to give y'all a little update. The email problem is happening all over blog land and there's nothing I can do to fix it. I did what I know to do and it still didn't help everyone. I'm suggesting that folks sign up to read their fave blogs thru Bloglovin or Digg or another reader service. I'm not sure this email … [Read more...]

Pop of Color on the Front Door!


This month's challenge with Lowes was front door makeover and pop of color, so my project fit both of those. I'm so happy with how the house is turning out and can't wait to share it all with y'all! I'm going to be back tomorrow to show you the whole house exterior makeover with new paint, but today I wanted to share the front door color.  I did Annie Sloan chalk paint Florence color mixed in … [Read more...]

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