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True story. About six weeks ago, we had a hot spell and I turned on my AC for the first time.  The AC that I had installed almost a year ago, along with a new furnace.  The old one that came with the house was the 1979 original and was on it's literal last leg.  It definitely wasn't working great, but I let it go for a couple of years until it gave up the ghost last year.  I had a local company … [Read more...]

The Screened Porch 2015

screened porch 025_20150515

I hope you are all enjoying a nice Memorial Day weekend, wherever you are and whatever you are doing....enjoy the time! This is my 3rd summer on the screened porch and it is such a happy place for me.  I'm out here so much of the time now and as soon as I got the pollen cleaned up this year, it was back to business as usual on the porch. This year, I pulled the hose up on the porch, got a … [Read more...]

The Decorated Paver Patio

canyon sectional ae outdoor

This inspiring patio makeover is sponsored by AE Outdoor, who happen to be right here in my hometown of Marietta, GA.   It's definitely been an exciting couple of weeks around my house!  With the installation of the patio last week and the arrival of a sectional sofa, that patio is looking gorgeous.  Outdoor spaces are probably one of my favorite things in a house, from a screened porch to an … [Read more...]

The Paver Patio Project

paver patio project030_20150507

Happy Mother's Day to all of you!  We are celebrating today, as we always do with my mom. It is quite astounding how much this house has changed in the last 3 years and I know you all see it too.  I can't help but look around and be so proud of where it has evolved to in the time I've lived here.  With one project at a time, each one has enhanced and made it better and better. (poor sad … [Read more...]

New and Improved Living Room Inspiration!

lr view from upstairs

Sometimes it takes trial and error and time to get a room where we want it to be.  Rooms are not built overnight, are they? After sharing that I was doing a major revamp in my living room, I'm happy to say it's finally finished (for now!). When I posted the changes I was making a few weeks ago, I got some pretty strong opinions on my living room and when I read that feedback, it was just the … [Read more...]

Window Covering Choices

bamboo blinds in windows

Back in 2012, when I finished my house renovation and moved in (finally), one of the decisions I was pondering back then was what kind of blinds or shades to put on my windows for privacy and sun control.  It wasn't a hard choice for me, because I fell in love with bamboo Roman shades and knew that the texture and color would enhance my casual, but traditional style home. Back 30 years ago when … [Read more...]

New and Improved Green Office

green office

I've been a busy bee around here lately, moving furniture, painting furniture and generally freshening things up at my house.  After 2 1/2 years of living in this house, it was time to revisit some of my pieces and rooms and get them in better shape. My office had gotten SO cluttered and full of stuff that I just didn't want to be in there anymore, so for the last year, I've hardly walked in … [Read more...]

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