Building in the Billy Bookcases: Part 1


Last week, I shared how I put together the bookcases, getting them ready to start this project.  It’s gone in phases, with the next phase being getting them secured in place and screwed to the wall, ready for trimming out.  We got that part finished this week and the only thing left trimming them out, which we got started on and have yet to finish, then I’ll paint it all out the same color as the … [Read more...]

Starting a Landscape Plan: The Basics


Are you as ready for Spring as I am??  Yes, bring it on! It’s been such an exciting couple of years for me, buying my house almost 2 years ago now.  How time flies! Can you believe it was April 2012 when I closed on my house and renovations began? I can hardly believe that either, but at the time it seemed like 6 months of renovation would never end and now I’ve lived in my house for a … [Read more...]

Building a Front Portico


Portico is a fancy little word, which really means a covered front porch, so I’m adopting that word for my new and improved little front porch.  I have a new front portico!!  And yes,  I’m still so excited about getting this project done on my house. This one alone makes such a huge difference in the outside of my home and it’s the first thing I notice now when I’m driving up to my house, so I'm … [Read more...]

Lattice & Gate Under the Porch


We had just a little more trimming out under the porch and that project was my dad building a gate for one end of the porch, so I can store things under there and have it all look nice and neat now. I know how much ya’ll love seeing him work, so wanted to share this little project with you.  We’re also working on staining this wood and hope to get at least one coat on before it turns too cold to … [Read more...]

A Rustic Mantel Shelf Installation


I shared my beautiful new rustic mantel, but I also wanted to share the process that was done to get it installed. As I mentioned, we know when to call the pros and this was a job for professionals, guys who have done this countless times.  I found a recommendation for a handy guy through a friend of mine and he was great. He had another guy with him and the 2 of them did a wonderful  job getting … [Read more...]

My Laundry Room Makeover Finale!


I'm so excited to share this laundry room makeover finale with you! Can you believe it’s been a whole year since I moved in this house?  Yep, this month (the 18th) marks my one year anniversary of moving in my new house. It’s flown by and I can hardly believe it’s already been a year. A really good year!  I still had several things to do in this house after moving in, not to mention unpacking … [Read more...]

Laundry Room Updates and A Lutron Giveaway


{Giveaway is Closed} The winners are:  #64-Renee; #93-Maryellen; #224-Staci  Congrats, ladies, you've been emailed! When I last shared my laundry room with you, I had just added a Lutron Occupancy Sensor switch which I totally love, by the way!  Now, when I open the door and walk in that room, the lights automatically turn on and when I walk out, they automatically go out 1 minute … [Read more...]

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