Window Covering Choices

bamboo blinds in windows

Back in 2012, when I finished my house renovation and moved in (finally), one of the decisions I was pondering back then was what kind of blinds or shades to put on my windows for privacy and sun control.  It wasn't a hard choice for me, because I fell in love with bamboo Roman shades and knew that the texture and color would enhance my casual, but traditional style home. Back 30 years ago when … [Read more...]

New and Improved Green Office

green office

I've been a busy bee around here lately, moving furniture, painting furniture and generally freshening things up at my house.  After 2 1/2 years of living in this house, it was time to revisit some of my pieces and rooms and get them in better shape. My office had gotten SO cluttered and full of stuff that I just didn't want to be in there anymore, so for the last year, I've hardly walked in … [Read more...]

Adding New Windows to a House

exterior after windows

Let there be light is what the title of this post really should be! It really is amazing how bringing light into a house can change the mood of a room.  What was once a dungeon like experience now is filled with natural light.  I finally got windows installed in my downstairs den and I am just thrilled with the outcome.  It's more dramatic than you can imagine and it's another project that has … [Read more...]

Adding Windows to a House


One of the best things we can do as homeowners with older houses is to update the windows.  The newer vinyl windows with double insulated window panes are so much more energy efficient than the older wooden single pane glass windows were.  I was very lucky when I moved in this house that the windows had already been updated to vinyl windows along the way and weren’t too old.  They weren’t all … [Read more...]

Painting Interior Doors Black


One of the things I decided on when I was renovating my house was to paint all my interior doors black.  Dark chocolate brown to be exact.  I had seen the trend of black doors out there for awhile now and I think it’s a great accent and feature in a house. Now, I do think that to do this successfully, it helps to have a lighter color palette in a house and it makes more sense with neutrals, with … [Read more...]

House Renovation: Before and After Photos


This was a fun post to put together and recap!  I loved looking back. I mentioned recently that it's been 2 years since I moved into my new/old house.  It's been quite the 2 year journey, after getting settled in and past all the renovating we did in 6 months.  I moved in as soon as I could, but there were still plenty of projects left to do and still a few more I'm going to complete next … [Read more...]

Adding Planks to a Fireplace Mantel


Another project I can cross off my list now is adding planks to the top of my fireplace, above the reclaimed mantel.  I don’t mind the rock, it was just TOO much rock, so I wanted to calm it down and add some light to that side of the room.  All that rock sucks the light right out of that space, even with windows on either side.  Besides, I can now decorate a prettier mantel having a creamy white … [Read more...]

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