Pressure Washing my Driveway

Thank you all so much for voting for me in the Troybilt FLEX competition!  I WON and received my gift card this week.  I'll be upgrading and buying a new washer and dryer with it and will pass on my Craiglist set to someone who needs it, since they are still working fine.  I appreciate you all taking the time to vote! Working on the exterior of my house and yard has made me want to do more out … [Read more...]

Southern Living Plants Additions

My yard has really exploded in the last year and the big reason is the Southern Living plants I was so blessed to get in my front yard. Those plants are growing like crazy now just in the first year and I can't wait to see them in a couple more years. Southern Living Plant collection has been so good to work with me and they asked me recently if I'd like some extra plants to use wherever I … [Read more...]

Repair and Paint a Block Wall

The ugly Wall. That's been my nemesis in this house ever since I bought it. That ugly block retaining wall at the end of my driveway has been an eyesore since day one.  We tackled the inside of the house and then I started on the outside, by adding the new front porch, stone retaining wall, and landscaping.  Wow, did that all make a difference. But, that wall was still mocking me, … [Read more...]

Phantom Screen Retractable Screens

Back in the Spring, I had the pleasure of going to an event in Mobile, AL, called Southern Romance, with Phantom Screens, along with a few other blog friends.  It was such a fun adventure, seeing this historic house in Mobile being transformed into a modern home, yet they are keeping the charm in the house.  They will be using Phantom Screens on the back porch of this renovated house. When I … [Read more...]

Landscaping Updates and The Wall

My front yard landscaping is looking SO great after being in just a little over a year.  It was last June when my friends from Southern Living Plant collection and Carmen Johnston came in and transformed my front yard.  I documented that whole process so you can see what all was done.  It's so nice to have an irrigation system so that I don't have to worry about those plants making it.  And with … [Read more...]

How My Garden Blooms!

This year has been especially fun to get ready for summer, since my front yard is all landscaped and this is the 2nd year that my hydrangeas are blooming.  Last year they were just getting established. This year, they are bursting out with new growth and that makes me happy.  It's so nice to look out my windows and stand on the front porch and see all these pretty plants.  I'm still so thrilled … [Read more...]

New Drapes in the Den!

I think I can finally say the den is completely finished now!  Three years after getting my house, that space has certainly come a long, long way and I couldn't be more thrilled with how it turned out.  Getting new windows made such a difference in that room and now when people walk in they say WOW, at the difference the light coming in makes in there. Light is such a great thing to have in a … [Read more...]

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