The Plunderosa Revisted!

Back a few years ago, I stumbled on The Plunderosa while traveling down to Gulf Shores on a girls' trip we took down there.  Here's the first post I did in April 2009.   This was when I still lived in Birmingham, so it's been awhile.  Can you believe I've been back in my home state for going on 5 years now?  Where has the time flown?  It's been a good 4 and 1/2 years, let me tell you. So, back … [Read more...]

GMC Hidden Treasure Adventure: House Reveal

If you missed my first post last week about the yardsale adventure of a lifetime with GMC's Hidden Treasure Adventure, go back and read up on all that fun! After that whirlwind of a yardsale adventure, it was time to get back to Atlanta and see the Habitat house in person.  What a thrill to be shopping for a deserving family, one that would appreciate our efforts to make their house cozy and … [Read more...]

GMC Hidden Treasure Adventure

Last week, I participated in one of the MOST fun adventures I've ever experienced.  You've probably all heard about the Longest Yardsale, which has been going on for maybe 20 years or so.  It's always the first weekend in August (why they picked August, I'll never's HOT, people!).  Anyway, I have been to the yardsale a few times years ago, but only from Gadsden, AL up to Chattanooga, … [Read more...]

DIY Silver Tray Chalkboard

Picking up old trays or mirrors or frames from thrift stores or flea markets are great candidates for making a chalkboard. I've showed at least one of these that I made from a vintage mirror I found while out thrifting years ago.  That project goes back to 2009 and I still have that chalkboard hanging in my kitchen.  It's fun to write little seasonal sayings on there. My friend, Vicki, … [Read more...]

Charles Phillips Antiques: Mobile, AL

I'm always up for an antique outing, even though I can hardly fit anything else in my house.  It's just fun to look and browse.  While we were in Mobile a few weeks ago for the Southern Romance excursion, we all took a trip to Charles Phillips Antiques, one of those hidden away gems of a place that we all just loved. Crusty, old stuff was piled in there and we found out he shops Europe for most … [Read more...]

Online Auctions: EBTH in Atlanta

Last fall, I shared a new site that I've partnered with, Everything But the House.  It's an online auction site for estate sales.  Fun, right? You all know I love shopping second hand finds at yardsales, estate sales, thrift stores, and antiques markets.  You never know what you'll find when you're out there browsing. Online auctions have been popular for a long time now and probably most of … [Read more...]

Atlanta Country Living Fair 2014

For the 3rd year in a row, I went to the Country Living Fair at Stone Mountain in Atlanta and as always, it’s a very fun and inspiring place to visit.  From vendors selling vintage wares, clothing, jewelry, furniture, and food items, there is something for everyone at the fair.  Food trucks and vendors are there to feed folks since you need fuel for all that walking around.  The paved paths wind … [Read more...]

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